November 20, 2007

Here it is, at last!!

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Finally, a one stop place to do all your Christmas shopping! It’s a simple site, but the links take you into some of the best worlds available! There are links to the most fantastic books by the greatest of authors. No, there’s no Stephen King or danielle Steele. Anybody can get those at Walmart. The authors on this site are the elite, the cream of the crop. There are books here that belong in every library at home.
Check out Joyce Anthony’s Storm – This book will keep you glued to your seat and when you finish it, wonder if it is a story, or a prediction.
Christmas is here. Pick up A Christmas Dream or A lumberjack Christmas by Janet Elaine Smith. She is the modern day Charles Dickens. After reading just one of her titles, you’ll want all 17 books she’s written.
Like a good mystery? Check out Barbara Williamson-Wood. Read this one with the lights on.
For a good murder mystery, read Billie Williams
How about a family drama? S. K. Hamilton will treat you to the adventures of the Kahill clan. The Walton’s can’t hold a candle to them.
Remember your high school years? Check out Joyce Scarborough. She will take you back to both the good and rough memories.
Ready for just plain romance? Check out Kristie Leigh MaGuire.
It’s winter, check out this hot Texas writer, Linda LaRoque
How about office romance’s? Read Tricia Ballads books
Want some interesting history?
Check Peggy Bell’s books.
How about something to do with overcoming adversity?
You’ll love Anita Bloom Ornoff

Want to really surprise that little woman in your life? Or even that manly man. Check out the boutique.
You are having computer problems? I can fix that!


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