December 15, 2007

It’s a classic!

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We went to see this group of performers tonight. Let’s see, oh yeah, it were ballot, no, ballat, no, ballet!

There was this guy in 19th century Russia that wrote music for swans and peanut breakers. No, wait, not peanut breakers, nut things.

Ok, to get a bit serious now. Tchaikovsky happens to be one of my favorite composers. I also happen to love ballet. We were given tickets to the performance tonight. This was actually their dress rehearsal, but the price was right. Not one thing to regret about this performance!

The Lake Erie Ballet has been putting this on for the past 49 years. It was a fantastic way to use our family time. The movie is good, but to see the Nutcracker performed live just cannot be beat! The only entertainment that is better is a good symphony and if it is a night of Tchaikovsky, it is doubly good.

Granted a few slips were made, but that is what rehearsal is all about. For those that have never seen a ballet, The Nutcracker is a good one to start with. A note for all those macho types out there, this is not a bunch of sissy guys running around in tights. If you think you’re strong, try picking up someone else and make it look like she is as light as a feather.

This was a wonderful performance and we all enjoyed it totally.


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  1. What a treat, Ron. I love the Nutcracker. One year, a long time ago, we had our Christmas tree entirely decorated with sugar plum fairies, tin soldiers, swans…well, you get the picture. I wish I had a picture of it. Not to worry, if I close my eyes my mind brings up the “positive,” as there was nothing negative about it.
    We watched the live Christmas program from Radio City Music Hall the other night. We were not there in person, but it, like your experience, was delightful. Also, like your excursion, the price was right.
    I love this time of year! Merry Christmas to you and all your blog buddies.
    Janet Elaine Smith

    Comment by JanetElaineSmith — December 15, 2007 @ 3:23 pm | Reply

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