September 16, 2008

God – a personal perspective

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God – A Personal Perspective

Have faith my son. Right. In what? I started life attending a small Methodist church. I heard the words the adults used but that’s all it was. I aged a bit, understood the words, watched the adults and their hypocrisy shine like a halogen light. Who, what, or where is God?

I was never foolish enough to say there is no such thing as God; I did however, often question it. It conflicted with science or so it appeared. I would try different churches and it was all the same. Words of love, of caring for your fellow person yet nothing changed. The people sang the praises in church and start cussing like a sailor the minute the walked out the door.

Church is not for me. God is not in a building. But where is this elusive entity? At the end of a tumultuous relationship I was told to ‘have faith’. What does that mean? Have faith in what? There is nothing out there but despair. Then came the move of a lifetime. The details of the life there are not important but the aftereffects are. I hear, then listened to the gospel in song. I found my faith. I learned what God is and the power inherent. God is within me. I saw and felt the power of prayer. I listened and God spoke to me.

Where is your faith? Who is your god? Shut down your mind, open your soul and truly listen. The voice of God cannot be mistaken.



  1. Amen. God is within. God is everywhere of course, but to seek IT only within the walls of a particular building or the confines of a church can be misleading and cause frustration and disbelief. Not that God cannot be in church. It’s just that too often the PEOPLE that are running the show and represnting God are far from the real McCoy.

    Good post.

    Comment by Marvin D. Wilson — September 16, 2008 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

  2. Wonderful site and thanks for the visit to my web pages too! Hope your life is filled with love and peace always. Thanks so much for your visit and hope you come again and perhaps share with friends! God bless and keep you and yours. Katie

    Comment by Katie — September 23, 2008 @ 4:09 am | Reply

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