September 18, 2008

In God We Trust

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In God We Trust

“In God we Trust, all others pay cash”, is a famous, yet humorous sign seen in many bars. It simply means no credit. Of course this was before the day of plastic. Let’s examine that title a bit closer. It says more than you might realize.

Take a close look at American money. That statement is on every bill and every coin. How many, if any, other countries in the world would dare to use either or both words, God and Trust on their currency? These are not just idle words; it is what defines this country. It is our way of life.

Banks want everyone to know your money is protected and safe with them. To do this names are ‘some bank and Trust company’. As further assurance, we are informed the federal government insures our money. We know, from experience, that the countries government is stable. Thus with a stable leadership, we the people can trust in the federal insurance of our hard earned money. Beyond banking and currency, what does all of this really mean? It tells me and I’ve heard from others, that we are a God fearing nation. We put our faith and our trust in the lord to keep us free.

Big Brother is here. Everywhere you look there’s a security camera. Economic hard times have pushed a few people over the edge into the world of petty crime and shoplifting. But no one has a store employee or officer of the law follow them home after a purchase. You can buy your husband a shirt and if he doesn’t like it, you can return it with no questions asked. They do ask for a reason, but if you tell them that the cobalt coffee maker you just bought totally clashes with your hot pink kitchen décor, they will, after they stop laughing, accept the return. This is unusual because many countries do not do this.

In America, we do trust in God. We also rely heavily on security cameras. But the first four words of the pledge of allegience says it all; one nation, under God.

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