September 23, 2008

The Great Candy Cane Fiasco

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The Great Candy Corn Fiasco


Not all days start as cloudy as Tuesday. It really did look like night wanted to replace day. Even the beehive of the honey plant sounded muffled. The whole day was sullen. Everybody was too quiet. No one understood, nor could anyone recall such a day before in the town’s history. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t so – sticky. It stuck to windows and people. I won’t even try to describe the poor animals.


Night turned into, well, night. By morning or at least what the clock called morning, the cloud was gone. But there was a very odd haze hanging in the air. People were out trying to get that sticky goo off their cars. Ice scrapers didn’t work. Water didn’t do it. finally somebody tried hot water, baking soda and a dash of pepper. (This is not your ordinary town, around here these parts, people put pepper on everything, including cereal.)


With the cleanup well under way, the real questions started. First up, what was that cloud, followed by what IS that goo? Somebody tried spraying their windshield with lemon pepper water (they didn’t have any baking soda), and discovered the stuff would come off in sheets. Amazing what a bit of lemon can do.


Down at the plant, the scientists in the lab were a bit dismayed. They knew what the sticky substance was, but had no clue as to how it settled all over. It was the only factory in the area but everything seemed to be in working order. For the next month, they went through every machine in the place but all was in order. It didn’t make any sense. But it did spawn a rash of new businesses. First was Al’s Animal Cleaning then came Katies Kritter Kleaner. But the coup de gras was Dave’s Diva Dog Drive-Thru and Kozy Kitty Brush Salon. The town’s old motto, “We’ve got the honey if you’ve got the money” soon became, “Give me your money, we’ll clean your honey”. But where was it coming from?


It took a few days but eventually some of that film that came down, started to harden and change color. Now it was beginning to make sense. But, first they had to locate the leak, then no one knew how long it would take to fix the problem. A call was put out to the specialized repair place and the plant was shut down, for safety reasons.


As things turned out, the film itself gave out its source. A crewman from the repair company saw the film plastered to one of the pipes. That explained everything! The pipe that fed the liquid candy into the molds had a pinhole leak and it was right above the steam exhaust. The cloud formed from the candy/steam mixture but the cool night allowed it to set. The colors gave it away. Once the pipe was replaced, the factory resumed operation. It was the white, yellow, and orange bands that pointed to the source. It took months to recover from the Great Candy Corn Fiasco.

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