September 26, 2008

Laughs from corn country

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I just put a few of my short stories together in an ebook called Laughs From Corn Country. The price is right, the laughs are in there and I’d love to have ya’ll look it over (ok, I’d prefer if ya bought it, but). It’s on lulu or to make sales, er, visits, easier; http://www.lulu.com/content/4242198

I’m not pushy, just desperate. (I’ll be better after the fourh or fifth cup of coffee)

On a less lighter, but just as enjoyable note, my cousin wrote a poem that I felt was worth sharing. She’s a bit shy but she’s letting me post this. As always, comments welcome.


Love Forever and Beyond




There he sits alone in his wheelchair, just gazing out though the window pane

His body no longer strong enough to hold him up so he could dance around

Memory of a woman he loved with all his heart and there she’ll always remain

For now she has gone to heaven to where the angels sing and trumpets sound


The eyes of this weary old man fill up with tears for his beloved sweet wife

Yet in his soul an overwhelming joy for all the time he had such beautiful bliss

He knows she’ll be waiting at Heavens Door to guide him to everlasting life

Remembers how she put her ruby lips close to his just waiting for his kiss


Those times when they would quarrel and how they used to make up at night

He would give anything this world could offer just to hold her one more time

To hear her laughter ringing through the air, seeing her beauty in the moonlight

Even after many years the beauty she possess is forever ageless and sublime 


He gazes out to see a beautiful dove that land on the apple blossom tree

His heart skips a beat for the vision is what he has been looking for today

A white dove that sings the song his beloved sends to him to set him free

This is the answer to prayer he has forever waited for, to show him the way


They found him there that very afternoon, so at peace he seemed to be

The pain he had suffered for so long no longer showed upon his face

Replaced by a peace we all could have if only our hearts open up and see

Now and forever the he will dance with joy with his own beloved Grace





  1. What a wonderful poem! It almost made me cry! I love it! Tell your cousin she is awesome!

    Comment by Jenni James — September 28, 2008 @ 12:38 pm | Reply

  2. This poem brought tears to my eyes. It is beautifully written with tender and loving memories of his wife. With strong love and deep devotion he will forever be with his sweet Grace. Very touching.

    Comment by Ameasha — October 1, 2008 @ 3:16 pm | Reply

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