October 21, 2008

Special interview with Marvin Wilson

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Questions for Marvin Wilson
Marvin Wilson, author and all around good guy will be featured on my blog in December as he brings out his book for another tour. Prior to that I thought we’d put his writing side to the test with a couple of questions.

1. These first two are similar but I hope different. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an Indian. Native American we now call it. Really. When I realized that was not possible (probably at age 5 or so) I switched to wanting to be a firefighter.

2. What were your aspirations in school?

In grade school it was to get good grades. That made Mommy and Daddy happy with me. In Junior High it was to grow enough facial hairs in order to be able to proclaim to everyone that I had to shave. In High School it was to get good grades again, but this time it was because I needed to get a scholarship in order to go to college and that was the only ticket I had to get out of my strict religious parents’ house and finally be able to be “me.”

3. You’ve been granted two wishes with stipulations. You had three but then you said, “I wish I had a couple of wishes.”

Drugs and alcohol are part of what created Marvin the writer. Those cannot be changed.
A. What part of your past, outside of the above criteria, would you want to change?

I would like to have had non-religious Christian parents instead of religious Christian parents. I love them both from the bottom of my heart, they did the best they could with the degree of spiritual understanding they had, but the strict environment I was brought up in, the heavy reliance on rules and commandments as opposed to the actual knowing of Jesus and His Love and Freedom which sets us FREE cast me out into the world as a disbeliever in Christianity. I went totally nuts seeking satisfaction in temporal fleshly pleasures because I felt that was the only thing to do in a world with a God who condemns the very attributes He created in His own creation. I was giving the God of my parents the finger.

B. What would you have liked to have done that you didn’t?

I wish I had been able to understand what I know now and loved my parents just as they were when I was younger. Dad’s gone now, but I know he hears me. Mom’s still alive, but in a state of age where I know it’ll be best to wait for the three of us to have a good sit-down in the afterlife and get things all squared away between us. It’s all good, there is only love. One Love.

What are your favorite four words and why?

Love, because that is God-
Peace, because that is what union with God brings-
Joy, because that is what I have when I am in peaceful union with God, and
Screw, because that’s what I like to do with my beautiful wife of 32 years.

4. You’ve been selected as head librarian for the new colony on Mars. You can only take ten books. What are they?

1. The Bible
2. The Dhammaphada
3. The Gospel According to Thomas
4. The Secret
5. The Fingerprints of the Gods
6. The Upanishads
7. The Dead Sea Scrolls (all of them if we can find them)
8. The Gospel of Judas
9. One (Richard Bach)
10. Owen Fiddler (let’s not make the same mistakes on Mars we did on Earth)

5. On your first excursion from the new colony, you find an undiscovered pink and orange house. There is a welcome mat and a sign telling visitors to ring the doorbell. You discover that Elvis is alive and lives here. The only difference is, his hair is bright green. What do you say to him?

Dude – who does your hair? Fire her!

6. Your first vacation has arrived. You get in your hypertruck (this will take you anywhere in the universe in less than ten minutes). Where, other than Earth, do you go?

Amalthea, the third closest moon to Jupiter. Course my hypertuck would have to be a luxury all-seasons RV, Amalthea is an icy world, but I’d just love to be up close and personal with the largest planet in our solar system.

7. You’ve discovered an unusual hill. Is it ground coffee or cocoa?

Neither. It’s cocoa puffs. Go figure.

8. An easy question. Your time on Mars is over. What four non-earth items do you bring back?

1. These wonderful mushrooms that cure cancer (but all the religious Martians have banned them because they make you feel good)
2. The Bible. All the Martians read it now, but I’m told everyone on earth has forgotten about it.
3. A homeless Martian. I want him to talk to the homeless back on earth. Earth homeless folks have at least opportunity to change, and they just don’t get it. My buddy the Homeless Martian will be a billionaire on earth within a few months.
4. My Brag. My pet. Looks like a cross between a dog and a book. It’s a common pet on Mars. There’s a lot of writers up there. You turn it’s pages and it licks your ears as if to say, “You’re the best writer in the whole solar system.” Really cool. Keeps the drinking down, ya know?

9. You’ve smuggled back a little Martian kritter for a pet. Describe it.

Just did.

10. You have been given a long list of honey-do items. Most involve some kind of repair but you have no tools. You are only allowed to purchase three. What are they?

Levitra, a sexy Motown CD, and some wine.

11. You have: Four empty coffee cans, six pounds of dirt, an old wheelbarrow, a roll of baling wire and a pair of pliers. How would you make a bar-be-que out of it?

Sell all that, take the little bit of money from the sale of all that worthless stuff and add it to what’s in my wallet and buy some ribs, then toss it on my grill. Simple.

12. It’s game night with the family and tonight is your choice. What game do you select?

Well me an my wife are “empty-nesters.” The kids are all grown and out of the house. So I’d choose “Hide and go poke.”

13. You’re at a garage sale and there is a stack of cookbooks from all over the world. You can only select five. What are your choices?

Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Taiwanese.

14. This has been an exercise in creative writing. What is your opinion of it?

I’m the writer. You asked the questions, so … you tell me.


  1. I liked this–questions and answers were both unique!!

    Comment by Joyce A. Anthony — October 21, 2008 @ 4:54 am | Reply

  2. Nice interview.
    I’d be happy to support your tour in December Marvin. Get in touch.

    Comment by Jo Linsdell — October 21, 2008 @ 7:15 am | Reply

  3. Hey thanks for this re-cyber print, Ron. I forgot how much fun we had with this q & a months ago. Looking forward to the December tour here at this great blog you got goin on, bros!

    Comment by Marvin D Wilson — October 21, 2008 @ 10:56 am | Reply

  4. That part about growing enough facial hairs to shave reminds me of an old Leave it to Beaver episode when Wally shaves when he doesn’t really need to.

    Comment by Morgan Mandel — October 21, 2008 @ 3:57 pm | Reply

  5. Very interesting questions and answers. Thanks, Ron and Marvin.

    Comment by Vivian — October 24, 2008 @ 6:23 pm | Reply

  6. What an enjoyable interview! Great questions and answers, and a chance to enjoy Marvin’s delightful sense of humor. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Comment by Connie Arnold — October 25, 2008 @ 11:05 pm | Reply

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