November 23, 2008

Give Thanks Week

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I’m worthless. I don’t have any money, the car is broke and I’m almost out of food. To make matters worse, that stupid Thanksgiving is coming and I have to go over to my wife’s/husbands relatives. What in the h— do I have to give thanks for anyway? My life is a shambles. There’s too much month for too little money. Give me a break, life sucks.

Sound familiar? How many of us have been there or are there? This is the start of a new tradition, Give Thanks Week or GTW. I’m starting it, but I’ll need you, my blessed readers to remind me of it since my memory is not what it used to be, I don’t think (I can’t remember what it used to be). Let’s start with what I said above then I’ll put in my first day of thanks.

Worthless means of little or no value so the question is, are you really worthless? Look around you. You have a family. You mean something to them. You have a car, so you’ve earned or are earning a living so you mean something to an employer. So you are not worthless. You don’t have any money, that’s sad, but you can earn some. As soon as you earn ten dollars that puts you in the top ten percent of the richest people on earth. You have a car, well, well, how many people on this blue planet don’t have a home? Food? There are dozens a day starving to death daily. So, how stupid is Thanksgiving? You have so much when so many have so little. Try again.

Guess what folks, a lot of what I wrote in that first paragraph applied to me. My self-esteem was in the toilet for sixty years. Thanksgiving was food. Oh I was wise enough to know to be thankful for some materialistic reasons. I was even thankful some of my relatives were around. Heck I even had a friend, I think. I went through the ‘what good am I’ routine many times. Then I realized several things. I realized I had a talent. It didn’t do me a heck of a lot of good, but I felt like I knew how to do something. That was two years ago. I made a very good friend who knocked some sense into my head. It was the kick in the right place at the right time. More about friends later this week. First I need to give thanks to the one that matters the most. There is, in every life, one that needs the most thanks and I’m no exception. I am offering thanks to the one that provides inspiration. I am offering thanks to the one that first believed in me. I am offering thanks to the one that should have been in my life at a much earlier age. Let’s face it, I led a very empty, shallow life. Then I met my mentor, my most important part of my life.

I was introduced early in life, but only recently did I reconnect and understand just how important God has been in my life. I hereby offer my sincere thanks and all prayers to God. It is he that knows my needs. It is to heaven that I send my pain. It is from heaven I receive my strongest love. It is to God I owe all that I am or ever will be.

This is my first day of thanks. Let’s hear yours.



  1. This was very beautiful, if we all look back we can find that special someone who makes it all worth while. Someone that sees in us what we can’t see in ourselves and will not give up until we do. I had some a person and still do. That is what I am most Thankful for, and will take with me till I go home with the Lord

    Comment by Angie Hartson — November 23, 2008 @ 2:18 pm | Reply

  2. I was born at an early age in a little shack that I had to help my father build. Life sucked until I learned to appreciate my shack and my life.

    Good post, Ron!

    Comment by Marvin D Wilson — November 23, 2008 @ 2:46 pm | Reply

  3. “As soon as you earn ten dollars that puts you in the top ten percent of the richest people on earth.” Really? WOW! That certainly gives a person a lot to think about. Great post, fabulous idea, and something that really needs to be said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Comment by Sarah — November 23, 2008 @ 5:55 pm | Reply

  4. Wonderful post Ron. Life isn’t the best, at least for me right now. But sometimes it’s the little things, the nice things that make you think that there is a reason for being here. Even a smile that you receive is the thing that gives you that glimmer of hope and makes your day brighter. I know a lady who works in the grocery store. No matter how busy she is, she will always give my kids and I a hug and ask how things are. I wouldn’t go into that store if it weren’t for her. It’s 30 miles away.

    Comment by Terre — November 23, 2008 @ 6:01 pm | Reply

  5. I recall a Thanksgiving long ago. I had just gotten a job with the Chevy Assembly plant. I was separated from my pregnant wife and saving money by not cashing my paychecks. The kid was due in January and I had NO insurance of any kind. I walked 7 miles to work and hitched through neighborhoods I wouldn’ go in armed now. My boy (I hoped) would not be born in charity or in debt. I couldn’t do much else, but there would be that. I had no kin in town or any friends as of yet, having just moved from San Francisco for the baby’s birth. I counted my change and elected to be as near to what little family as I had left. I boaded a bus and after several transfers got out at a White Castle near her father’s place. I could not go to see her as I was treatened with arrest.(Her folks didn’t like me then). I was warm though (It was spitting snow) inside White Castle and if she went anywhere I would be able to recognize her parents car (I hoped). I had enough left to buy three sliders and I savored them for my dinner. I would hitch hike back to my room in the poor section of town. ($16.50 @ week). One of the waitresses brought me a cup of coffee as she was going off shift. She whispered it was botomless so I could stay and drink all I wanted. The afternoon was going and the cold was getting worse. I knew it would be cold getting back, so I headed out. The snow was rain and it was freezing… an ice storm in the making. Just then I saw a familiar car and just s short distance away went my wife in her parents car, on her way to some errand. She didn’t see me, but I saw her hair in that bouncy pony tail with a sprig of holly and her beautiful face smiling as she sang along to some Carols on the radio in the car. I was warm all the long way to my flop, even though it was at least 20 miles of short rides and much walking. A cup of hot instant coffee and a warm shower and I fell in bed… happy. I was so dumb I was happy.

    Comment by Spider — November 23, 2008 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

  6. I’m greatful for the cold-it makes me cherish the warmth of my home more.

    I’m thankful for the physical pain-it allows me to be the full-time mother I wish to be.

    I’m thankful for the barks, meows and tweets–they remind me my home holds some of the purest love on Earth.

    I’m thankful for life–for it is the greatest gift God has to give me.

    Comment by joyceanthony — November 23, 2008 @ 6:59 pm | Reply

  7. A very good message, Ron. We all have so much to be thankful for. We should periodically sit down and make a list and balance it like a scale with the things that are bothering us. The good things always tip the scale and it gives new perspective.

    Comment by Jean Henry Mead — November 23, 2008 @ 8:55 pm | Reply

  8. That a truly inspirational post. No matter what the circumstances in our life. We can be thankful. If we were truly poor we couldn’t even be on the internet. I am thankful for my 7 children; I am thankful for my dog; I am thankful for my son returning home safely after a yearlong deployment in Iraq; I am thankful that my daughter that is still deployed in Iraq is safe. And I am thankful for so much more.

    Comment by Paula Talbert — November 24, 2008 @ 5:11 am | Reply

  9. Ron,
    I have much to be thankful for, and I’m working on a post for a group writing project about 7 things I’m thankful for.

    But at this moment reading your post, I’m thankful that two years ago you returned to God and that you have changed your life.

    Comment by Lillie Ammann — November 24, 2008 @ 10:04 am | Reply

  10. Thanks for sharing this honest and inspirational post. When I feel particularly down or depressed, I always try to think of those who are in worse circumstances than I am. Yes, we always have a reason to be thankful for something.

    Comment by theslipperybookreview — November 24, 2008 @ 11:33 am | Reply

  11. I am thinkful for:
    -my parents
    -my friends
    -my dog
    -finally sharing a romantic relationship with John, who captured my heart 11 years ago, though it wasn’t meant to be until this year.
    -having a good job (even though I complain about it, at least I have a job)
    -my writing talent
    -my writing group, without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today with my writing
    -finding the strength to make major changes in my life that have helped me become a better person
    -having enough money to eat, pay all my bill, and have a little extra for fun

    Comment by Jen — November 24, 2008 @ 3:29 pm | Reply

  12. […] Give Thanks Week […]

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  13. Thank You Ron for writing this and sharing it with us all.
    I am Thankful to be here with my family.
    I am Thankful for the families who have loved ones away in lands far from home trying to make a difference.
    I am Thankful for the gifts God has given me and the people in my life to teach me how to use them.


    Comment by dorifritzinger — November 24, 2008 @ 11:38 pm | Reply

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