November 25, 2008

Give Thanks Week, Day 2

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It is from you, from your heart
Forgive the past, today you start
No more hate, give your sins to God
Coming from above, his love will nod

You are not alone, look around you
In your life how many friends are true
Remember them, starting today
For each, should you pray

The rest of your life starts right now
For all your friends, this should be your vow
Forgive them their errors, remember their love
Offer them a pray of peace, sent with the white dove

Friends are precious and hard to find
True friends have the ties that bind
Treat those around you with care
Be nice and treat everyone fair

That stranger you just saw over yonder
Tomorrow you may meet them then wonder
Was he a stranger or a friend you have yet to meet
Everyone is a stranger, until you say hi, and don’t retreat

Yesterday we offered our thanks to the ultimate part of our lives, our superior being, whether it’s God or a deity by some other name. Let us now bring it back to the earthly plane and offer our thanks to those around us that mean the most. Today we offer our thanks to those we call our friends. They may or may not be relatives, although tomorrow’s post will cover them.

For those of us that believe in prayer, let us now offer them for our friends for health, happiness, love and peace. Let us now thank them for being part of our lives. For those that do not believe in prayer, you also have friends and please, offer them the same thanks and add the desire we put in our prayers.

The old expression is, “No man is an island” isn’t quite true. There are too many homeless, too many forgotten veterans that are alone. Turn one from a stranger to a friend. Your life will be enriched as well as theirs. Smile and say hi to one who is alone. It costs nothing but the warmth that is shared is immeasurable.

We are all but guests on this wonderful ball of ground and water. We need to treat it as we would expect a guest in our home would. Having said that, we are all guests and should treat each other accordingly. I am a guest in and on your home as much as you are on mine and the rest of the inhabitants of this round globe. Let us treat each other with that kind of respect.


  1. Good words, Ron Twain. I particularly like the passage about the homeless in regards to no man being an island.

    Vey true.

    Comment by Carol — November 25, 2008 @ 2:01 am | Reply

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  3. I love your poem, Ron! I really like the idea of a stranger being a friend you have yet to make. Thanks for sharing it, and this week of Thanksgiving posts.

    Comment by Connie Arnold — November 27, 2008 @ 9:32 am | Reply

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