December 4, 2008

Amanda Makes a Friend

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Amanda Makes a Friend

Amanda and Alex left momma by the alley where she could stock up on food. As they left, momma told Alex to keep a close eye on Amanda, she could be a bit impetuous. With his promise to do so, they set out on the next leg of their great adventure. Both of them promised to stop back and visit from time to time.

Amanda suggested leaving the business area so they could check out some of the quieter neighborhoods. As they wandered along, Amanda heard someone (a human), crying.

“Let’s check this out. She may be hurt.”

Alex wasn’t too sure about this, but Amanda insisted. Rounding a corner, both saw at once a little girl sitting on the back steps, crying her eyes out. She didn’t look hurt, but she sure didn’t look happy either. Amanda bravely walked over to her and looked up.

“Mew” (Kitty for ‘Are you ok?)


At least that’s what it sounded like between sobs. It’s against a cat’s nature to let humans just pick them up, but this poor girl needed some comfort and the petting made Amanda feel a bit better.

“Meow” (Kitty for what’s the matter?)

“Daddy tried to get a job but they won’t let him”

I guess it’s true. Only little children truly understand kitties and puppies. Kitties understand human but only respond when they feel like it. Almost always it takes a child to get a kitty to really open up. Amanda was purring. This is how kitties show that they understand. But then,


“Wha, What, mommy?”

“Oh, there you are. You’ve been crying. Don’t worry, daddy will find something. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

I know, but daddy is hurting.”

“Right now he just needs us to stand by him.”

Amanda had jumped down and hid as soon as she heard the little girls mommy call her. Alex told her they should just leave but Amanda wanted to wait around for a bit. She thought she might be able to help the little girl feel better.

“Kitty? Here kitty, I brought you some milk”

Against her better judgment, Amanda came out of hiding. She heard most humans use food to trap kitties. But she was hungry and the look on the little girl’s face was cause to trust her just a little bit.

“There you are. I know, you think I’m going to try and catch you and take you inside. But mommy always told me that some kitties only belong outside. We can be friends though.”

“Sandra, who are you talking to?”

“Mommy, there’s this cute kitty out here.”

“No, you can’t keep it.”

“I know, but we can be outdoors friends, can’t we?”

“Yes, you can be outdoors friends.”

Wow! This was unusual but welcome. It looked like this little girl needed a friend and Amanda could be that. Then Alex came out of hiding. He had heard the whole conversation.

“Oh, hi. I see you already have a friend. I don’t want to bother you.”

To let her know they could be outdoor friends, both Alex and Amanda walked over and rubbed their noses on her legs.

“Daddy tried to get a job today, but they wouldn’t let him. He is so sad. I don’t know how to make him feel better. It makes me sad too.”

“Mew, Mew” (kitty for hugs help a lot)

With that, Sandra picked up Amanda and gave her a gentle hug. Then she reached down and petted Alex.

“Thanks guys. That helped a lot.”

With that, she went inside and gave her dad a big hug and told him her outdoor friends told her it would make things better. He smiled and gave her a big hug and said it helped immensely.

“You have some smart outdoor friends.”

Daddy never came out to see Amanda and Alex, but he had watched his daughter sitting on the steps. Sandra was petting a cat and wasn’t showing any aggression so he just watched without saying anything. He noticed that she came back in the house in a happier mood. Her outdoor kitty friends had performed a minor miracle. What he did not realize was that Sandra had also done her share of miracle making.

“Here kitties. Mommy says I can put out food sometimes.”


With that thank you meow both Amanda and Alex said they would come back off and on. At least they made a friend that day.


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