December 6, 2008

Time to Meet Koko

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As Amanda and Alex were walking through the woods, they happened to pass Harley’s big tree. Harley was the master owl and he ran the forest newspaper. All the news fit for the animal kingdom he would always say. He made sure the paper came out once a month to keep the kritters informed of the good news as well as the human element. That is how everybody knew it was time to find a new home when the humans decided to build the housing development.

Since he traveled mostly at night, he could check the very early editions of the town paper. He also learned that only part of the forest would be used and the rest would be protected. He made sure everyone knew about the upcoming construction, but he also pointed out the fact that the humans valued the forest and the animals.

“Amanda, look at this!! Harley just issued a special edition of the Leaves and Grass Gazette.”

“Wow!! Our very own Rabbit got to travel with the Easter Bunny!!”

Indeed, Koko’s family was getting around. It was well known that Koko used to be Easter Bunny’s sidekick, but had to retire. Rabbit was offered a chance to ride and this was big news! Amanda read the headline, then opened the paper to see the whole story.



Sometimes Koko’s rabbit would tell her stories. But some of them were just totally outrageous! Many years in the past, Koko would travel along to help the Easter bunny, but time and one too many quills growing in the wrong direction put a stop to it. Koko was the most senior porcupine and she adopted many of the little creatures from the forest. She had a large cave and plenty of room. Rabbit was one of the adoptee’s. She tried to give him a name but rabbit said he preferred being just called Rabbit.

After one particularly rough Easter, Rabbit told Koko that he would take her place the next year. Koko talked to the Easter bunny and got an ok. Supplied with several of Koko’s quills, Rabbit was set to go. Hiding Easter eggs is not the easy job humans pretend that it is! Especially when the order comes in to put them inside someplace. Santa Claus comes down chimneys, but bunny’s use the door and some humans keep them locked. But, Koko’s quills are very effective at picking them.

After every trip, Rabbit would fill Koko in on the latest adventure. He would hop from one story to another. He talked so fast that Koko threatened to send him to auction school.

“Slow down a bit Rabbit. I’m trying to keep up.”

“But Koko, you wouldn’t believe some of these places! We went to one and I almost got eaten by this huge horse!”

“In the house?”


“Did he say anything?”

“He just kept barking and barking. I thought he would wake everybody up! But the Easter bunny told me that the humans would be gone until later that day. I used the longest quill to protect myself.”

“Uh, Rabbit, that was a dog, not a horse.”

“Well he was as big as a house!”

This was only one of his adventures. Some of them got even more far fetched. But, nobody ever got hurt. With eight rabbit’s feet, they had the luck of the Irish with them. Well, they had the luck of the Irish because they had a guest ride with them a few times.

McTavish, the head leprechaun, disguised himself as a well-dressed human and walked through the local village. As he was walking down the sidewalk he happened to catch an advertisement on one of the TV’s in a window. They were talking about Lucky Charms cereal! He wanted to investigate this closer so he contacted the Easter bunny and made arrangements to have one of his fellow leprechaun’s ride along.

That made deliveries much easier since now there were three of them! It was also a rather odd year considering that the Leprechaun’s colored some of the eggs.

“Koko, we delivered some pretty eggs that had rainbows on them!”

“Wow! I bet the human kids were surprised.”

“Oh, we didn’t give them to the humans. These were for the little leprechaun’s.”

“Now that is unusual.”

It was a very different year but it started a whole new tradition. So next time you’re trying to catch a leprechaun, don’t be surprised if he leads you over to a cauldron full of colored eggs!


“Alex, let’s take this paper back to Mom.”

With a nod of his head, they headed back to see mom and the rest of Amanda’s family. As they were walking, Amanda suggested a visit with Koko might be in order.


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