December 9, 2008


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Clawtus’s Kitty Meeting

Two pots for every chicken!! 44.40 or rust! Tipsy canoes or no news!

“Ma, this dude has got to get out of the catnip when he writes his slogans! What does he mean by 44.40? The rest of them make sense, but not that one.”

“Well Sissie, why not go with me to the weekly house kitty meeting tonight over at hilltop grove?”

“Ok, but only if you promise not to call me Sissie! I’m a big kitty now.”

Now you have to remember, cats tend to have names that are a bit unusual. Sissie is mom’s shorthand for Sistra. She wanted to name her Cindy but just when she was telling her mother the names of the kids (she had four in that litter), someone stepped on mom’s tail. She did manage to get the rest of the kids named painlessly. Meanwhile, back to our story.

Brasso McGear (his adopted human family thought he looked like a brass instrument) was in charge of the neighborhood committee. He was very good at organizing things, such as food for the outdoor kitties, or finding them warm places to sleep, but he was horrid at slogans. He was trying to let everyone know that winter was coming and there were many more friends in the alleys than in years past.

“Mr. Brasso, how can we help our outdoor friends?”

“I’ve arranged with Alex and his new girlfriend, Amanda, to look for places that can be made safe for all the new arrivals. At last count there were 44 families with at least 4 kids. That is up from the 35 of last year. Amanda took Alex over to the park and found a new place that the humans built that has boats. These can be used for shelter in the winter.”

“Ok, that explains part of your slogan, but what is the reference to two pots?”

“Ah, good question there missy.”

“It’s not missy, it’s Sistra!”

“Ok, sorry, but you’re new here to the meetings. Anyway, I was out the other night and I found these old pans that the humans had thrown away. Spike, our friendly guard dog, carried them over to the edge of the woods. We can use those to store extra food for the outdoors friends.”

“But won’t the humans find them and throw them away someplace where we can’t get them?”

“Not likely. There is an area near the edge of the woods that is covered with brush and not a likely place for humans to go digging around.”

Thus, by the end of the meeting, all the poor kritters that had no one to care for them, were under the guidance of the household kitty committee. So, the next time your furkids start asking to go outside, you can bet they are planning on helping their outdoor brethren. As for the ones that aren’t allowed outside, you’ll see them in the windows offering whatever advice they can.

Watch your furkids (I refuse to call them pets), and if they start meowing right after they leave the window, you will know they are asking you to throw some food outside or something to keep their outside friends more comfortable.



  1. “Watch your furkids (I refuse to call them pets), and if they start meowing right after they leave the window, you will know they are asking you to throw some food outside or something to keep their outside friends more comfortable.”

    Hmm – so THAT’s what Snickers has been trying to tell me. Have to remember that! (smile) Good story, Ron – as usual.

    Comment by Marvin D Wilson — December 10, 2008 @ 5:24 am | Reply

  2. This is becoming quite a plot, Ron. But furkids is a coined word I haven’t heard before. Good imaging and storyline. I look forward to “the rest of the story.”

    Comment by Jean Henry Mead — December 10, 2008 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

  3. Brasso McGear and Clawtus. What adorable names! Kompletely Klever Kittie Names!!! Wonderful addition to the furkids saga!

    Comment by Carol — December 10, 2008 @ 9:01 pm | Reply

  4. you have such a way of bringing these charactors to life. You have me hooked and looking forward to more.


    Comment by Angie — December 14, 2008 @ 8:20 am | Reply

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