December 13, 2008

Special Amanda Story

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Back Alley Wanderer’s special edition‘Alex, What’s up with all these pretty lights?”

“I don’t know Mandy, I’ve never seen them before.”

“Let’s go ask Mama, maybe she has, she’s been around since like forever.”

As they headed towards home, they heard a human tell another human to get a job and quit begging. Then they heard complaining that it was impossible to buy anything for Uncle Joe. Others were complaining that the cost of the toys for the kids was ridiculous. They went around a corner and saw another guy begging for money and people were giving it to him. He had a funny hat on and a bucket. This time the people seemed happy to give. It was so very confusing. As they approached the alley where mama lived, a bunch of humans were singing. The sounds were beautiful and both kitties were totally confused by now. They found mama close to the singing crowd.

“Mama, I don’t understand it. Alex and I were sleeping before we headed out on another adventure. Alex got up and went to find something for us to eat and he saw all these colored lights. I didn’t know what they were so we decided to come ask you.

“Yeah, as we did, somebody almost stepped on Mandy and there were people in a very bad mood. I would have thought that the lights would have made people happy because they are so pretty.”

“When we first started out, somebody was yelling at a human because he was asking for a handout. But as we went around the corner somebody in a funny hat was getting a lot of handouts. It doesn’t make sense. Humans do such dumb things.”

“Come on, let’s go back to the rest of the family and I’ll tell you a story.”

Mama gathered all the kitties together to tell them what she knew. She had taught everyone about prayer and about God. Now it was time to tell them a very special story.
“Kids, yes, you too Alex, it’s time to tell you something I learned that has made a big impact on my life. We all agree that humans are strange beings, yet it is because of them that we exist and have food to eat. For us kitties, one day is the same as the next. But in the world of humans, it’s a different story. I’ve seen many of the holidays, as they call them, but the one coming up is the most unusual.”

“Why is this one so unusual?”

“I’ve been around humans enough to understand that they have a tendency to celebrate when a fellow human and in some cases, pet, is born. They call this that creature’s birthday and everybody gives the birthday person or animal, special presents. But the holiday coming up is a birthday in reverse.”

“Ok mama, you’ve been sniffing too much catnip. How can you have a birthday in reverse? You celebrate before the person is born?”

“No Mandy. Remember me telling you about the time I spent living in that building the humans call a church?”

“Yes, that’s when you taught us about God and prayers and such.”

“Yes, and the one thing I did not tell you was that God had a son.”

“Ok, so what makes that so special?”

“Because this baby grew up to be the human that gave his all for all of the world, human and non human.”

“But what does that have to do with a reverse birthday and what do you mean by giving his all?”

“The Son of God was called Jesus and he died and took all of the bad things, called sins, up to his father so that even when we do make a mistake, it is forgiven. Nobody really knows when he was born so they chose a day that was used by others to celebrate the fact that he was indeed born, lived and died for all of us. That is why we have pretty lights so he can see them in heaven. Humans exchange gifts to show their love for each other. Unfortunately humans are too materialistic or in terms you will understand, put too much value on things that can be touched. The real meaning of Christmas, as the holiday is called, is to share peace and love with one another. That is why they do all the singing. Does this make sense?”

“Yes, reverse birthday is to celebrate the human that served all of nature. He lived and died so we can truly live, right?”

Yes Mandy, that is the true meaning of Christmas.”


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