December 17, 2008


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“What’s all that racket?””I have no idea Martha. Where’s it coming from?”

“Grab that baseball bat, George. It sounds like it’s coming from the kitchen.”

Slowly they crept into the kitchen. The doors to the cupboard were rattling. Martha signaled George to be quiet. She went over to open the door while George prepared to attack whatever was causing the ruckus. She slowly opened the door when suddenly a big box of tea bags flew out!

“OMG” (Oh My Goodness, what else would she say?)

it quieted down immediately. The intruder was gone. Their daughter, Tillie, put her teabags in the wrong place and the coffee cups were very upset.

Is this story true? Of course not. I made it up, using something called imagination. This commodity is becoming short in supply. Between reality TV and the realism of games, imagination is being forgotten.

Before the advent of all these reality based products, four chairs lined up properly, became a car. An empty box turned into forts or houses. How many baking soda and vinegar filled plastic bottles were launched before the first Jupiter C crossed into space? It was this way of thinking, this imagination that fueled the space program. From this non-real thinking, we have home computers and the Internet. But imaginary thinking is almost a remnant of the past.

Today’s children need time away from television and the game consoles. Give them boxes, chairs, paper and crayons. They need to keep their childhood curiosity. Given free rein to make things up opens new worlds. Allow children to be creative and you get adults that turn science fiction into science fact. The Star Trek transporter may someday be as common as the family car. The future depends on more kitchen chair cars and cardboard forts.


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