December 21, 2008

Amanda Meets King Hickory

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“Mandy, let’s go back and visit Koko.””Why?”

“Because we haven’t talked to any of them lately and I’d like to catch up on the latest happenings.”

The wild bunch was heading out on another adventure. Fall was fast approaching and Alex wanted to share the beautiful colors with Amanda. He heard rumors regarding the magic of autumn. Of course telling Amanda was out of the question. If the rumor were false, it would be a big disappointment. But if it was true, he had a marvelous surprise in store.


“What’s the matter Mandy?”

“Something hard just hit me on the head.”

“It must have been this funny shaped rock. I’ll get rid of it.”

Alex kicked the rock as hard as he could. Both Amanda and Alex watched it fly into the bramble bushes. Just as the rock settled deep within the tangled weeds, both kitties were overwhelmed by a tremendous burst of chattering

“Why did you do that?” (They said a lot more but it’s not printable here.)

“Who are you?”

“I’m squeaky, he’s Peanut and what are two cats, whose names I don’t know, doing invading our home and throwing away our food?”

“I’m Amanda, this is Alex. You should be called Chatty. What do you mean by your food? That was a rock you hit me with.”

“That was not a rock, it was a hickory nut.”

“You eat those hard things?”

“Ya, don’t you?”

“And break our teeth? I don’t think so.”

“We only eat the insides. Come on, you can meet King, and the rest of the family.”

Deep into the woods they went. At last they arrived at a giant Oak tree and the family of King Hickory. Everybody started to run at the sight of two kitties at the base of the tree, until Squeaky yelled that they were friends.

“Friends? With a cat, our mortal enemy? Are you losing your marbles?”

“No King, there two are friends. They just want to learn how we eat these ‘rocks’ as they call them; and I have my marbles right here in this little bag.”

King Hickory invited Amanda and Alex into the family home, but kept a very close eye on them.

“You two aren’t ordinary cats. You wouldn’t happen to be the ones referred to as the wild bunch, wouldya.”

“Yes, Koko gave us that nickname.”

“It’s ok kids. These are the kitties we’ve read about in the Leaves and Grass Gazette.”

Once that was settled, King invited Alex and Amanda to join the family for supper. Squeaky brought in a big bowl of hickory nuts. Then Peanut brought in two bowls of shelled nuts, one for Amanda and one for Alex.

“These aren’t that bad. Thank you for sharing and inviting us for supper. But, we really should be going, right Alex?”

“Yes, I agree. Thanks for everything. I hope we meet again. Bye for now.”

Both kitties and the squirrels said their good-byes. It was time to continue with their adventures.


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