December 28, 2008

The Great Flood

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This piece was not written by me but by a survivor.

The Great Flood of 2008

This has been a year to remember
Starting in June till December
You think that all is going well
But in just a flash all goes to hell

The water is rising fast they say
We just laugh and think no way
Just didn’t believe it could go so high
Back so many years ago we were dry

The river was raging and out of control
Taking our city, our homes and our soul
The next morning we saw the river’s rage
On the TV and on every newspaper page

I watched all day with an empty heart
Slowly taking in that my world fell apart
Where do we go from this empty place?
It was like we were suspended in outer space

The river had taken its toll with no pity
We look out and weep for our beloved city
The place we played and grew up is gone
Why did this happen, Oh what went wrong

But this is Cedar Rapid city of five seasons
We do not dwell on rhyme or reasons
We will build it back and make it right
For we are strong and ready to fight

Oh why does it take a disaster to open eyes?
Only Heaven above can answer the whys.
It is not for us to question God’s reason
His ultimate plan for the City of Five season

Out of this we have found the meaning of love
For together our prayer answered from above
We took to heart we are our brother’s keeper
A city closer than ever, love for each other deeper

Be it banker, doctor, lawyer, strong or meek
They worked side by side, week after week
I am proud to say I have seen God’s grace
Just look what he has done to this place
So I say to you all lets bring in 2009
Yet let us reflect and keep this in mind
When we think that times are bad
Hope is gone and we are all sad

We have this I say to my friend here
God is watching over us we have no fear
Remember there was a giant flood in the past
But the rainbow fills the sky, and it won’t last

This is a blessing we can hold in our lives
For through even this Cedar Rapids survives
Just look now to your neighbor with love
For our Lord is watching us from above

This is dedicated to all of us who have survived and grown from this experience. I thank all of the volunteers, workers, authorities, and to all who sent their prayers. We have seen our Fifth Season and it was filled with beauty of faith, hope and charity.

From one who has survived and found more happiness through this experience than I could ever have asked for. I send that feeling out to all of you who lived through this too.


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