April 9, 2009

Magic, Mensa and Mayhem

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Today my very special guest is Karina Fabian. Her last name should be Fabulous because that is what her writing is, and You may check it out yourself in Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem. Let us now meet Karina:
1. Where did the idea for magic, Mensa and mayhem come from?

My friend, Shirley Starke, edits the North Dakota Mensa newsletter, The Prairie Dawg. She asked if she could print a DragonEye, PI, story. I thought it’d be fun to do a serial, and since the World Gathering was taking place in Florida, I perused the program, asked folks about Mensa gatherings and came up with a story light on mystery and heavy on farce.

2. Magic, Mensa and mayhem (hereafter referred to as MMM), is a fun, action-filled read. How long did it take to write?

Tough question, because I was already halfway into the serial–about eight months’ worth of plot–when Dindy at Swimming Kangaroo approached me about a book. I’d say it took about a month to write, but a lot of the story was already laid out for me and about 8000 words done. One thing to note, however: the novelization turns out quite a bit different fromt eh serial. Even the ending changed. So folks can enjoy both!
3. What, to date, have you found to be the most effective marketing tool?

Online Conventions, actually. I get a lot of website hits and sales when I present or participate in online conventions.

4. Do you have any plans for giving Vern his own book?

Not sure what you mean, since this is Vern’s book–he’s the main character. However, the next novel, Live and Let Fly, has more Vern-focus, I guess you could say. That’s a fun book–not quite as slapstick, though.

5. Have you developed a character website for MMM and if so, what is the address?

Vern and Grace’s website is http://www.dragoneyepi.net. Vern blogs twice a week on the home page; the books and snippets about him and the world there. In addition, I have DragonEye, PI stories for sale. Those who register on the website get a free DragonEye, PI story, “Amateurs” (Honorable mention in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2008) and a subscription to “A Dragon’s Eye View” with articles and special offers.

6. You belong to several online groups and social networks. How effective do you find them in terms of marketing and which do you feel is the most effective?

Most of my marketing is done on-line. Each one has its own niche, though I must admit MySpace is least effective I think. Twitter has turned into an unexpected find. Yahoo groups still remain the mainstay, though. I have a lto of friends I met through Yahoo groups.
7. You wrote that there is a difference between Faerie, and Mundane Liturgical music. Could you briefly explain to our readers just what the differences are?

Grace gave a lecture on the differences between Mundane Christian music and Faerie Liturgical music. To be honest, I didn’t write the paper she presented. However, in general, Mundane music has a more entertainment aspect, especially in Christian Rock, while Faerie liturgical music is very worship focused. Also, you don’t find the social aspect in Faerie Music that you find in Mundane music.

Grace takes music very seriously because it’s how she channels power and how power is channeled through her. Thus, there are some Mundane Catholic songs that Grace won’t sing, and she hardly ever sings a secular song.

8. Concerning your writing environment: I do my best writing when I have music playing, preferably classical. Do you prefer quiet or a background of sound?

Depends on the book. Sometimes, I wear my fedora. For Live and Let Fly, which is a super-spy spoof, I played songs from 007 movies. Often, though, I prefer silence.

9. Vern and Grace have picked you up for night out. Where do you have dinner and what evening’s entertainment do they take you to?

If we’re on their turf, it’d probably at Natura’s All-You-Can-Eat buffet. In addition to having lots of food, Natura was one of the first people to befriend Vern, and he has a special attachment to her. She’s a fun lady, too. As for entertainment? Probably watching videos or playing card games. We have a lot of card games Vern would like, though he’d rule out “Give Me the Brain.” He has a thing about zombies.

10. We haven’t discussed Vern yet. You’ve been given the power to visit his world. Describe please, what his personal living space looks like.

In Los Lagos. Colorado? Imagine a warehouse with add-ons so that from above it looks like a Tetris piece. Inside, the front area has a homemade division for the office and another for the kitchen/dining area. Double doors lead to the main warehouse, where Grace and Vern spend much of their time. A raised platform creates a second floor along two sides of the room; below the left side is a small bath and shower. Grace’s bedroom is a converted office on the second level; Vern’s next (old mattresses, pillows and memory foam) is below it. In the far corner, abutting the cement-block wall, is Grace’s workshop where she does her major magic. The top of the walls have stained glass, and when she’s working, the colored lights fill the area; very lovely. The other add-on warehouse sections house stuff that came with the place. Vern never really looked into the boxes. It’s enough that they’re his. I think he likes to imagine they contain treasure, though he won’t admit that.

11. Referring back to question ten, what do you take as a welcoming gift?

A DVD of a movie Vern hasn’t seen yet. Probably sci-fi. Dragons, being immortal creatures, value novelty.

12. A simple question. You have the unique opportunity to live in the Faerie, Mundane or Human world. Which is your choice and why?

There is no “Human” world. Humans live in Faerie and Mundane. However, I like where I live.

13. You have quite the sense of imagery, have you considered opening a virtual Faerie and Mundane clothing store?

ROFL. The visual aspects of the world are the hardest part for me. I have to really work at them. I used to play at designing clothes in middle school, but no. I do want to make some DragonEye, PI, t-shirts, though. My daughter is the artist. She’s working on the design.

14. Where can our readers learn more about Vern, Grace and be able to purchase a copy of this most delightful book?

You can get it at amazon http://tinyurl.com/mmmamazon (also in Kindle version http://tinyurl.com/mmmkindle ). Or order from the publisher at http://www.swimmingkangaroo.com/mensa.html.

To learn more about Vern and Grace, check out their website: http://www.dragoneyepi.net.

15. For your final question, would you like to please add a few comments for our readers?
Well, I’d like to offer folks a free autographed bookplate if they e-mail me and tell me they’ve bought Magic, Mensa and Mayhem. They can contact me through the website. Vern will sign, too.

Books don’t happen on their own. I had some great editors at Swimming Kangaroo–Linda Anderson and Jennifer Walker. Roe Mesquita created the awesome cover. And of course, Dindy Robinson, publisher, has been an incredible support through it all. I love working with the Kangaroo Krew!

I really enjoy writing DragonEye, PI, stories, so if you love Vern, please go to the website and check out what else is available.

To see the youtube trailer:




  1. Thanks for the interview, Ron. I’d like to let folks know that there’s a new DragonEye, PI story up on my website: http://www.dragoneyepi.net. Click on the cover that says “Fern Gullible.” You’ll never think about Rumplestiltskin the same way after reading this locked door mystery.

    Thanks again!

    Comment by Karina Fabian — April 10, 2009 @ 6:49 am | Reply

  2. Good interview. I always reading about the continuing literary exploits of Karina. 🙂 Great trailor, too!

    Comment by Marvin D Wilson — April 10, 2009 @ 8:18 am | Reply

  3. Ron, great interview. The idea of a dragon pi is intriguing.

    Comment by apb148 — April 11, 2009 @ 5:48 pm | Reply

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