May 28, 2009

Interview with Lynn McMonigal

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I have had the great pleasure of reading and reviewing Lynn McMonigal’s book ‘Summertime. The interview I had with her is posted below. Tomorrow I will post the review.

Lynn’s interview

You now have your own house but do not realize that the one next door belongs to

George May, a famous song mixer with his own studio in his basement. As you are out

Bar-Be-Queuing one afternoon, you hear some loud, yet muffled noise next door. Since

you are new to the neighborhood and don’t want to start trouble, you realize that the best

reaction is to ask your neighbor what the racket is and will it get loud enough to be heard

at night. Again, being the wise neighbor, you go over, knock on his door and invite him

and his wife over to the feast you’re cooking up. They accept. The question is, what are

you fixing?

Grilled turkey and veggie pizza. YUM!!! Just found the recipe this year and I

LOVE it. Low fat, tasty. Add a salad and it is a very filling meal. I make my own

wheat crust for the pizza, sprinkle on a tiny bit of olive oil, basil, and oregano, then

cover it with provolone, turkey, bell peppers, onion, and mushrooms. Ooooh, I

think I will have to put that on the menu this week….

Rumor has it, you like a certain musical group. As it turns out, your neighbor is mixing

songs for the latest hot group on the market and they have invited you to join them as a

member. You know the group, BBMT or Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and they

make rock music by jazzing up the masters. You have already told them you don’t play

an instrument. As it turns out, neither do these guys. They use synthesizers and offer to

teach you. The boys look like the Beatles in their younger days.

Do you accept?

Heck no!!! LOL Music is not where my creative gifts lie, and I have no problem

admitting that. I’d sit in and watch them, though, and I might hum along. Of

course, if you said BBMT looked like New Kids on the Block or 98 Degrees, I’d be

drooling too much too even manage a hum.

Which one is your favorite?

My favorite of Bach, Brahms, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky? That would be

Tchaikovsky. Though I have to say I prefer Beethoven over all of them.

3. Your editor writes you, telling you that you are a fantastic romance author. In fact, you

are deemed so good that you’ve been asked to write another book. However, after hearing

the description, you are told that the title must not reflect the true plot. The gist of the

book is that a man is getting married to the ghost of his late fiancé. The question then is:

What do you use as a title?

To be honest, I don’t know that I would accept this assignment at all. It’s not a

topic I am sure I could do justice. And I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist about my

work! You can ask Lori, my lifelong best friend, about this. She will think a

passage I’ve written is awesome, but if I am not happy with how it sounds, I chuck it

and try again. Drives her nuts (so she claims; personally, I think it is 14 years of

marriage and 2 children that have made her insane) but I still do it. I can’t stand

the thought of putting something I am not 100% satisfied with into print.

Paranormal is not something I’ve even read enough to attempt writing.

Though I suppose if I had to come up with a title, something like “Life After Love”

might work.

4. You are going on your first iderod. You have been provided with all the necessary

provisions such as food and clothing. You may take up to four personal items. What are


My Bible, a journal and pens, a small photo album full of pics of my husband and

sons, and a HUGE Hazelnut Hot Smoothee from Tim Horton’s.

5. You are hired as the purchase agent for the book and magazine department of Kybles

and Bytes dog and cat book and computer store. What are the first five books you order?

Henry and Ribsy, The Cat In The Hat, Where the Red Fern Grows, Ralph S.

Mouse, and Computers for Dummies.

6. Your book, “Summertime” has been selected as a movie of the week. Who do you

want to star in it?

It is funny that you asked this, as I recently had a dream about another of my books

becoming a movie! I have the cast for that one all picked out, even though the book,

Discovering Miranda, is not even close to being finished!

But for Summertime…. Hmmmm… That one takes some thought! I’d like to see

Alyssa Milano as Laura, Reese Witherspoon as Crystal, Kellie Martin as Erin, and

Nick Lachey as Joey. For Barrett, I’d pick my niece Tori. She’s a little older than

Barrett, but when I think of Barrett, I think of Tori.

7. Have you developed a character website? If so, what is the URL?

I have started a blog for the characters in Sumemrtime. It has thoughts and feelings

from the characters, about the things that happened before the story began. You

can find it here http://livinginmyhead.wordpress.com/

8. Summertime is a very good book. Have you considered making it a set of four,

covering all the seasons?

Thank you, Ron. I am very glad that you enjoyed it. No, I had not thought of

making it into a set of four, at least not until now!!! I can see making a story about

Crystal and one about Erin, though. Gosh, you have given me something to think

about now!!

9. You are sitting on a beach. You find a shell and put it up to your ear. You expect to

hear the sound of the ocean but instead you hear, “Write my story”. You agree. What is

the title?

Life’s A Beach

10. You’ve just gotten a job as an assistant sheepherder. The owner of the sheep is bit

eccentric. His herd is one floor below his apartment and that is on the forty-first floor.

You are told that his sheep like music but you have to bring your own. What do you


I don’t know…Baa Baa Black Sheep? Seriously, I would probably bring along

some praise and worship music. That normally keeps me centered and focused

when I feel overwhelmed. Something tells me tending sheep would be very


11. In the play, “Phantom of the Opera”, which part do you play, and why?

Christine. I can’t really see myself as a leading lady, one that would inspire the love

of the Phantom that way, but it sure would be fun! Though I can’t say it would be

as fun to those who would have to hear me sing….

12. Will there be a “Summertime to a lifetime”, a sequel featuring Joey?

Like I said earlier, I haven’t planned any sequels to this book. I suppose it could be

fun to delve into Joey’s life after the book ends, but it is not on my to-do list.

13. You’ve been invited to make an appearance on TV to promote “Summertime”. You

have a choice of: Jerry Springer, David Letterman, or Sesame Street. Which one do you

select and why?

Can’t I go on The Today Show? Oh, Nana would love that! Of the three, my choice

would be Sesame Street. After all, it is the only one of the three that I ever watch!

14. Where can our readers get more information and purchase them?

You can find out more about me and my books at http://www.lynnscorner.wordpress.com.

Books can be purchased through Amazon.com and at

http://lynnmcmo.webs.com/apps/webstore/ (PayPal is accepted there!).

15. Your turn to talk to the audience. Take as much space as you need. Tell us about

Lynn and anything else. I have room on my blog so a mini book is fine.

What more can I say? I am really blessed to be doing what I love! After 20 years of

dreaming about it, it still finds almost surreal that I have two books in print, and

that people want to read them. I can’t take the credit for it, though. This is all

God’s doing.

Right now, I am working on writing my first young adult novel, Discovering

Miranda. It is more work than I expected it would be, but the book is coming along

rather well. I am also editing The Ladies of Faith, which I expect to release in

October. It is the first in what I plan to be a three-part series, though as I sketch out

the next two books, I am finding enough material about these women that it could

go on even longer!

You said I could talk about anything, so before I say good-bye I am going to take a

moment to brag on one of my nieces (I have five sisters and between them 15 nieces

and nephews!). Rebekah Mallette is graduating from Lewisville High School on

June 8. I can’t be there to see her receive her diploma, but I couldn’t be more

proud! She is a beautiful, intelligent young woman, in love with Christ and not

ashamed to let others know. She is graduating in the top 5% of her class of over

800 students. Not only that, but she has been awarded a full scholarship to study at

the University of Texas. Bekah, I love you and am so proud of you. I can’t wait to

see all of the wonderful things God has planned for you



  1. Thanks for having me today, Ron! This was a lot of fun. Talking to you is always so interesting.

    OH!! And thanks to YOU, I am looking into three more books–one about fall, one winter, and one spring–that will revolve around the characters in SUMMERTIME.

    Comment by Lynn McMonigal — May 28, 2009 @ 11:13 am | Reply

  2. What a fun interview!! I loved both questions and answers-you two did very well!

    Comment by Joyce A. Anthony — May 28, 2009 @ 11:21 am | Reply

  3. Well done interview – informative and fun! I’ll be back tomorrow for the review. 🙂

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

    Comment by Marvin D Wilson — May 28, 2009 @ 12:25 pm | Reply

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