January 29, 2010

A lesson in sanity

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The Death of Sanity

Iran is murdering its opposition. Ok, I know they call it ‘executing’, but it is nothing but cold-blooded murder. Why? Because they are scared of freedom. Heaven forbid someone speaks out against the bullies in charge. We saw this happen before, in Germany. The biggest worry now is that the world lets them get away with it.

Rule to remember: When going to Iran, keep your face covered and your mouth closed. The bullies that run that country think they know what’s best for everyone. The reality is that all they know is how to intimidate and kill. There are many good Iranians, unfortunately the bad asses in charge will ensure that their lives are either pure hell, or snuffed out.

How do you say Heil (whatever the idiot in charge is), in Farsi?


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