June 6, 2010

Review for Apparent Danger

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Title: Apparent Danger

Author: David Stokes

Publisher: Bascom Hill Books

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-935456-11-7, 1-935456-11-3

Format: Hard cover

Genre: True Crime

The minister killed him. He shot him, in cold blood, in his office. This much is known just by reading the dust cover. Mr. Stokes brings the rest of his blood curdling history to life with down to earth writing.

The 1920’s was fast times and loose morals. Reverend Doctor J. Frank Norris was a pulpit pounding fundamentalist that was out to change all that. His oration skills probably made God sit up and notice. His motives were good but his methods were just short of illegal. He did something right because he had the biggest congregation in the nation at the time.

Things are big in Texas, from tall tales to cattle ranches. Dr. Norris was up to the challenge and met it head on. He railed against houses of ill repute and alcohol. What he couldn’t close down, he bought out to increase the size of his church. Did Dr. Norris really kill a critic in cold blood? Yes, but to see how he changed a nation and the results of the murder one must read the book.

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  1. Very compelling sounding read! I like the premise and the built in conflict/tension and (hopefully) satisfying relief. Thanks for the review, will put this on my 2010 TBR list.

    Comment by The Old Silly — June 6, 2010 @ 7:24 am | Reply

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