September 5, 2010

Tribute to Washington High School Reunion

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The Time that was

It was forty five years ago. To some it was yesterday, to others an eternity.  The bells would ring (did we have bells then, I really can’t remember. It WAS forty five years). Each would seek their own little space amongst the crowd. The bells would ring, our little personal space would move somewhere else. Like drops of water on hot concrete, some would gather to make a bigger drop; others would find a space of their own. This was school of yesteryear.

As we gather on an anniversary, the drops would gather as before. Some would not be quite as large as before. The solitary ones would sometimes merge. The drops changed shape. As some would grow, others would shrink. All would be different at each of these gatherings. This was school of a later year.

We sit and we look. Is that someone we knew? Does she or he remember me for who I was, or what is perceived I may have been? As my eyes grow weary, do I see the you that was, or the you that is? Time does strange things to a persons mind. I look in the mirror, I see the me that always was. But what do you see of me? This is life, after the school of yesteryear.

We made it to this many years after leaving high school. Are we what we expected we would be? Did our lives treat us as well as we dreamed they would? We are here to tell the others what we have become. But as the years pass, there are less of us to gather, less stories to be shared. Mark these moments as they pass; for we may not pass this way again. Cherish the memories for they be fleeting. Meet those of the past for there may not be a future for either to meet again.

This was a reunion, may there be more.

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  1. Ron-thoroughly enjoyed reading this. You have great insight into people and I found the words masterfully written and so true. Thank you! Kris

    Comment by Kris Best — September 10, 2010 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

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