September 19, 2010

Review of For the Love of Willow Walk

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This is an updated review with S. K. Hamilton’s website included.

Title: For the Love of Willow Walk

Author: S. K. Hamilton

Publisher: Pen & Sword

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 0-9769989-8

Format: Paperback

Genre: Mystery

““Prep her for a C-section stat!” Dr. Morgan’s voice cut through the commotion. The third generation of Kahill’s was on the way, IF Kat and baby survive. Jedediah, the last of the first generation was a nervous wreck. Add to the mess is a break in at Kat’s store. Not bad for only two chapters. S. K. Hamilton knows how to hold a readers interest. This is the second volume of the Willow Walk series.

The story is interwoven with skill and intrigue. How many ghosts of the past will rear their head to complicate things? Family, fashion design, ski lodges and offers from the big cities keep the Kahill family on their toes. Run to your computer and order the first two books by S. K. Hamilton. You’ll be glad you did. There is mystery, romance and humor throughout her writing. These are top grade books.

One last question; How does Jedediah fare throughout this fascinating tale? He’s not that young any more.

To learn more about this fascinating young lady and her books, please visit:



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