September 30, 2010

I Do Not Store Kids!

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Company names, if read literally, can be a bit strange. Oh, I admit they do have a purpose. For example: Jim calls his food store Jim’s Grocery. He does that so people will shop at his place instead of at his Brother Jack’s place across the street. There are only minor differences between the two. All Jack has to offer is lower prices, free coffee and tea, free home delivery and great customer service. Jim counters with ten cent coffee and time to talk with the owner. He is the sole employee.

I think you see the point here. Both Jim and Jack own stores that sell food. Not all store and business names are that well defined. For example:

City Storage – Why would anyone want to store a city?

Ajax Liquor store – Ajax is a cleaning solution. Did someone distill it? 90 proof Ajax, the more you drink the cleaner you are inside.

The Drunken Monkey – You can really go ape in this place. This is a real bar.

I wonder if High Reality uses Lowes lumber?

A few more, all real companies.

Johnson Controls – levers and dials to control Johnson’s?

Johnsonville Brats – Really? Since when have unruly kids from Johnsonville been put in packages?

Citywide Carton – Wow! That’s one big box.

Hummer trucks – I guess this truck doesn’t sing and for the record,

Singer sewing machines neither sing nor hum.

I really hope no one in the Kid, Kidd, or Kidde family are in the garage rental business because I would get real nervous if I saw a sign that read:

“Kids Storage”



  1. Ron, you’ve given me a whole new perspective on business names. Thanks for the enlightenment, I enjoyed it.:)

    Comment by Sloane Taylor — September 30, 2010 @ 5:31 pm | Reply

  2. hope and change

    Comment by avg free download — October 6, 2010 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

  3. Yes very funny!

    Comment by internet Pastor Bill Mazzulla — October 7, 2010 @ 3:04 am | Reply

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