October 24, 2010

Read carefully, it’s Christmas buying season

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Christmas Gifts

It’s time to find that perfect gift. I have a suggestion that allows you the chance to enjoy what you buy before you wrap it up for that special someone. Below are two of my book descriptions and their respective Amazon links. This will be the kindle link but you can also find both books in a print version.

Math for the Family is a reference book that is also fun to read. I cover everything from before zero and numbers up  through Boolean logic. There are no problems to work yet there are examples.  Even though you may know how to add, can you also add fractions and decimals? The same goes for all the other basic functions. This book is a great reference for every member of the family. There are 12 appendices from the multiplication table (through the 12’s), to the ascii table and Greek alphabet. Check it out:

Math for the Family | http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0047GMF92

Having a rough day? Nothing like a good laugh to take the edge off.  I know, everybody is too busy to sit and read a book at one sitting. Laughs from Corn Country is an anthology of short, silly stories. Do your coffee cups rebel when you put tea instead of coffee in them? Do your teabags try to escape? Why go to the store to buy spaghetti when you can grow your own, along with tacos and a few other things? You’ll learn how in the spaghetti farm series. Next time you invite a tuna for coffee you may want to consult Czaretta, the coffee loving tuna.

Halloween is almost here, just in time for Nightmare after Breakfast and its follow-up. You can also read about Clyde the Frustrated Vampire. All these and more can be found in Laughs from Corn Country.
Laughs from Corn Country | http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0047GMF6A

Buy both, buy several because they make great gifts and a great addition to any home library. Thank you in advance, Ron Berry.


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