November 25, 2010

The Contest

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Time is short!



Enter now

See Tom for contest entry forms



Little Georgie, or LG, as he was known to his friends, showed the poster to his mom.

“You may enter if you want. What is the grand prize?”

“A free year’s supply of our favorite snack.”

“Hmm, that could have dire consequences. So what is your favorite snack?”

“Lemon flavored miniature ice cubes.”

Mom watched LG head off to work on his contest entry. Her head hurt trying to make sense of his favorite snack.

LG thought long and hard. Finally he came up with his entry. When he submitted it, the judges asked how his entry could avoid the inevitable catastrophe about to fall on all the males. LG explained that everybody was complaining about money. He went on to say that his friends and he could use the abandoned barn out along the highway.

“Ok. Yours is the only entry that has a ghost of a chance. But, you better hurry, T-Day isn’t far off. There isn’t much time.”

“Thank you.”

LG gathered up his friends and they gathered all the Christmas lights and extension cords they could find. They set about the enormous task of cleaning up. All that was left was for LG and his band to practice to be ready for the grand opening. Mom made signs and dad was the ticket taker. Others made the snacks. It was the first ‘bring your own drink’ dance hall in the state.

Open night saw the place packed. It was just as busy a week later when Farmer John walked in. Tom, the ticket taker, handed John a bag of money. He explained that the dance hall was his. He was shocked that his animals could do something so wonderful. .

Yes, the ‘Turkey Trot’, dance hall was a success and LG, the smallest of Farmer Johns turkeys, won the contest.


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