December 29, 2010

Review for Follow that Dream




Title: Follow the Dream  

Author: Heidi M. Thomas

Publisher: Sundowners, a division of Treble Heart Books Publishing

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-1-936127-18-4, 1-936127-18-0

LCCN: 2010934310

Format: Historical fiction

Genre: Paperback


I’ll ride this steer, show my folks how good I am. Soon after you read; “Uh, yeah. How’d I get here?” That’s the beginning of a wistful story of a cowgirl getting ready for a rodeo. Women in the rodeo in the twenties and thirties were rare, but Heidi Thomas found some real cowgirls and built a wonderful story around them. She had enough material to write two books so far and I suspect we’re just seeing the beginning from this young lady.


It helps to have a friend of the same gender in the business and luckily, Nettie does. Starting out in the bull riding business tends to leave a lot of bruises and more time eating dust than staying on top. But to rise to the top you get back on and go again. Nettie was persistent and wanted to be the best. The question for readers is, how far can she go and how far did she actually go? Pick up a copy of this most delightful read and find out for yourself. I recommend this for all readers who love a good story.



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  1. Thank you, Ron, for your review! It’s always gratifying to find male readers who enjoy my books too.

    Comment by Heidi M. Thomas — December 29, 2010 @ 5:08 pm | Reply

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