June 13, 2010

The Biggest Surprise

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“Wow! Koko sure knows how to throw a party!”

“That’s for sure Mandy. She caught both of us off guard.”

Having had a very hearty meal, Alex and Amanda headed for a cool spot in the cave to rest for a bit. Their favorite area was blocked off. Amanda decided to wait until after her nap to ask about it.

A thunderclap, or at least that’s what it sounded like, woke up the kitties.

“Storm? The sky was clear before we …”


“Sorry Alex. We’re missing a bunny.”

All the kritters were scrambling everywhere.


You could hear bunnies, squirrels, even a baby skunk, calling out the name.

“Koko, Greytail saw Amanda and Alex and headed for the door as fast as he could.”

“I thought I told you Mr. Hickory, that we always keep that door shut.”

“I know but he ran out when Stripe brought in that… “

“Shhh, we have, uh, special, company.”

“Listen up kids. All this yelling won’t help. Let’s use the buddy system and go looking. We’ll all meet back here. Aegis will be watching from overhead. I think it goes without saying that Amanda and Alex will be staying here”

“Greytail is little, so we need to look under things.”

“Alex, we shouldn’t have come. We scared Greytail because we’re kitties.”

“Nonsense Amanda. Greytail is new here and many things scare him.”

“Koko, I thought you were out hunting?”

“Somebody has to be here to coordinate things.”

“We found him!”

“Welcome home Greytail.”

“Thanks Koko. Leave it to two baby squirrels to look under a log.”

“That’s because that is where Hickory and Maple hid when they ran away.”

“You give such strange names.”

“Like I did you Greytail? It’s hard to find names for squirrels.”

“I signaled Aegis that Greytail was found.”

“Thanks Amanda.”

While the rest of the hunting party returned, Koko filled Greytail in about the Wild Bunch, Amanda and Alex.

“Ok everyone, let’s all gather in the great room.”

“Koko, we’re going to head home. It sounds like you have family business to take care of.”

“Family business? Yes we do and you two are family so get into the great room.”

Once everyone was seated, Koko called the Wild Bunch to the center of the room. Bunny slipped away unnoticed. When he returned it was time to announce the biggest surprise.

“Amanda, Alex, you two made many friends in the woods and here. Bunny has something for each of you.”

“Amanda, Alex, everyone here helped to make these. Greytail helped although he had no idea who they were for.”

“ ‘The Wild Bunch Amanda’ wow! This is a beautiful tag. I’ll wear this proudly forever.”

“Me too”

Let’s leave Amanda and Alex for now and allow them time to thank Koko and family for such wonderful gifts.

March 1, 2010

A Surprise Awaits (Amanda story)

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“Look out!”

“Thanks Alex. Guess I was daydreaming.”

“Daydreaming? About what Mandy?”

“Oh, just about all our adventures and that we haven’t been on one in a long time.”

“True, but if you keep daydreaming while crossing a road, your last adventure will take you across the rainbow bridge.”

As Amanda licked her guardian angel’s fur, they decided it was again time to travel.

“We haven’t seen Koko for a long time. I wonder how many new adoptees she has.”

“Or how many of the old ones are now out on their own.”

“Good Point, Alex”

Meanwhile over at Koko’s…

“Is everything ready Rabbit?”

“Almost Koko, almost”

“What’s left?”

“We’re waiting on the squirrels.”

It looks like we have something special going on. Well, Koko and family are busy so let’s check back with Amanda.

“Ready Alex? I told Mama where we are going.”

“Ready as ever”

“Mandy, look at this; the headline of the Leaves and Grass gazette says there’s a problem at Koko’s.”

“Oh no! What does it say is wrong?”

“That’s all it says. It doesn’t give any details.”

“We better hurry up. Maybe we can help.”

Although Amanda and Alex went as fast as they could, Koko knew ahead of time they were coming. Everything was ready.


“Huh? What’s up? What surprise? The paper said there was a problem here.”

“There was. You two weren’t here to help us celebrate the first anniversary of meeting ‘The Wild Bunch’.”

I guess kitties can blush. Let’s leave them alone for now so they can enjoy the party.

October 10, 2009

Amanda Meets a Cousin, Part II

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“Koko, you did it again, another great meal. How do you manage to have such variety? You have nuts for the squirrels, greens for the bunnies, even something for Alex and me.”

“Ah, that’s simple, my little Mandy. I have a lot of helpers that gather things up. I still have a few bags of cat food that we rescued when that truck overturned. I heard later that no one was hurt. Thank goodness for that. Ok, let’s let the cleanup crew do their job. The rest of us can go into the great room.”

Everyone cleaned up their area and the cleanup crew took over and finished up, They then joined everyone else in the largest room in the cave. After everyone found their places, Koko motioned for silence.

“Ok everyone, we have some important business to discuss. Amanda and Alex want to travel out to the country but they have asked us if there are things to be careful or to watch out for.”

“Amanda, are you two going just out to the country or are you thinking of walking all the way to the big forest?”

“Well Toto, it is Toto isn’t it? It’s hard to tell you little squirrels apart. I for one would like to see the forest. How about you Alex?”

“Yes, I would also.”


“There are some big (he tried to show how big, but his little paws just could not stretch that far), animals called deer. They aren’t mean, but they step on us little guys. That’s what happened to mommy. That’s why I live here now.”

“I’m sorry Amos. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.”

“It’s ok. I have big family now, don’t I Koko?”

“Yes Amos, you do. Amanda, Alex, I have to tell you there are some very mean animals that live in the big forest. To name a few, coyotes, wolves, and cougars.”

“Oh my. That actually sounds interesting.”

“Mandy, this is a long trip. I think we should rest up and leave bright and early.”

“Good point Alex.”

“Ok everyone, it’s bedtime.”

Amanda was so exited about the trip that she had a hard time getting to sleep. But soon she was in dreamland. She woke up to the smell of breakfast and some chattering that she could not quite understand but she thought she heard her name mentioned.

“Good morning Koko. I thought I heard you talking.”

“Hi Mandy. When he gets back here, I have someone for you to meet.”

“Sorry Koko, but when ya gotta go, you know what I mean. Hi Mandy! I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

“Aegis! What brings you to this side of the world?”

“Koko contacted me. She said you wanted me to watch over you two on your great trip.”

“Yes, I forgot I mentioned that. Thank you Koko.”

“You’re welcome Mandy. Now, I know you’re in a hurry to get going, but you are not going anywhere without breakfast. I’ll let you wake up Alex,”

Koko had another surprise for Amanda and Alex.

“Mandy, let me help you put this on.”

“What is it?”

“With a bit of help from the others, I made you each a little bag for food. When you get hungry, you can stop to eat and not worry about having to find something in the forest. All I ask is that you bring these back to me. They are yours, but by bringing them back, we know you made it safely.”

Yes, kitties can be embarrassed. Tune in later for the last part of this story.

October 2, 2009

Amanda meets a cousin, part I

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“Alex, why don’t we stop in to see Koko? Then we can go through the woods and out to the country.”

“I don’t know Mandy. We’re town kitties. I’ve heard scary stories about the country.”

“We can ask Koko to have Aegis keep an eye on us.”

“Well, ok. But let’s talk to Koko first.”

Giving everyone a big hug, they headed towards the woods and Koko’s place. But as they approached the entrance to Koko’s, they heard a huge ruckus going on inside. Alex wanted to turn back and return later. Amanda, to her credit, decided to get closer.

“… are dangerous to us. I don’t care how friendly they seem to be.”

Amanda ran back to where Alex was hiding. She had not heard the first part of the conversation but she did hear, scared her.

“Maybe you’re right Alex. There must be something bad and dangerous around here.”

“Uh, Mandy. We better check with Koko. That dangerous thing might get us before we get out of these woods.”

“Good point.”

Shyly, Amanda knocked on the door.

“The Wild Bunch! We were just talking about you.”

“But, but, I heard you mention something dangerous.”

“Ah, you overheard one of my new charges. Let me introduce you. Amos, please say hi to Amanda and Alex or as I like to call them, The Wild Bunch.”

“Bu, but, kitties eat little moles like me.”

“We don’t Amos. We just want to make friends with all kritters.”



“Ok, then hi.”

Amos did say hi, but he quickly scurried behind Koko for protection.

“So what do we owe the pleasure of your visit Mandy?”

“We’re thinking about traveling through the woods to the country.”

“NO, No, NO!”

“Amos, why are you squeaking so excitedly?”

“Because, miss Amanda, there are big bad animals out there.”

“He’s right Mandy. I think we should talk this over. Stay for supper and those of us that have been there can tell you what we know.”

“Ok Koko. Alex, let’s give Koko a helping hand with supper.”

The adventure continues in part II

May 17, 2009

After the Concert 22

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“Mandy, are you ok?”

“Yes. I’m just a bit overwhelmed and a lot confused.”

“Me too, really.”

“All we do is walk through the woods. Why is that so special?”

“Let’s go ask Koko, she knows everything.”

It was a good idea, but leaving the concert area took a long time. Most of the forest kritters that had not yet met the ‘wild bunch’, waited in line to introduce themselves to Amanda and Alex. The lineup included animals normally afraid of cats that wanted to meet them. The birds flew down to offer greetings. It was very late when they arrived at Koko’s. She knew they were coming so she waited up.

“You two look exhausted.”

“Yes. Mandy barely made it here. One of the fawns gave us a ride.”

“Yes, we appreciated it. I have a (yawn), question.”

“Amanda, questions can wait until morning. I think it’s time for two exhausted kitties to get some rest. Alex, would you help Amanda to your sleeping area?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

It was almost afternoon when Amanda finally got up. Alex was already awake but he knew how tired she was so he let her sleep. Koko told her charges not to bother her.

“(Yawn) Did I get up too early?”

“No, why do you say that?”

“Because all I see are you and Alex.”

“Ah. The kids are outside playing and gathering food for lunch.”

“Lunch? Wow, I did sleep late.”

“You were tired.”

The kids came back with enough food to feed an army. Everybody was trying at once to talk to the forest celebrities. Amanda excused herself and went into another room. When Koko and Alex found her, she was crying.

“What’s the matter Amanda?”

“I’m so confused Koko. We’re just kitties. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.”

“You have actually answered your own question. You two are not just kitties. You are both very special kitties. Unlike most cats, neither of you chase squirrels, birds, butterfly’s or any other forest kritter. You make friends with all you meet.”

“That’s what Mama taught me and I taught Alex. It is better to have friends than enemies. I have learned a lot by meeting and talking with the other animals.”

“As have they from you. You have a very wise mama.”

“Thank you.”

“Alex, you are also very special and wise for listening to Amanda.”

“I agree and thank you.”

“I may call you the wild bunch but the only thing wild is how the other kritters feel about you.”

I guess kitties can blush. Let’s leave them alone to spend some personal time with Koko and her charges. We’ll catch up to them on their next adventure.

March 30, 2009

A note about the questions

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I just received a note from Koko. I’ll post it verbatim.

“Humans are funny creatures, but they are also very scary, especially to kitties. Because of this and other reasons, they had difficulty finding safe questions to ask. I have them but I am finding it difficult to find human words for a few of their comments. I’m working on it and I hope to complete my task by tomorrow or the next day. It’s made more difficult since I have a couple of new charges that I have to help get aclimated. “

March 26, 2009

Round two

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We did this last year. Since then Amanda and Alex have made many new friends so I thought I’d invite all readers to tune in over the next few days to see what these two cook up.

Amanda and Alex decided to drop in on Koko. It had been a busy time and a relaxing visit would be refreshing. But, after they were asked to come in, Amanda noticed that Koko already had company.

“I’m sorry, we can come back later. I see you already have company.”

“No, no, come on in. I’d like you to meet Aesop. From what he’s been telling me, you two have something in common.”

“Really? But he’s an eagle and we’re kitties. What could we have in common?”

“Aesop tells me he found this sheet of paper asking for answers to some odd questions. He was sitting in a tree in the park and some humans were looking at their portable computer and as he listened, he heard them talking about the questions and the answers he had given. But then, a bit later he said they had wondered why there wasn’t any answers from Amanda.”

“Wow!! I was over at the park at the same time and heard that same conversation! It is a small world.”

Actually it wasn’t a small world, but it is a small town. While Koko brought out the refreshments, Amanda and Aesop started comparing notes. They came to the conclusion that humans are indeed very strange. Over drinks they came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s face it, the combined thoughts of an eagle and a wandering nature-wise kitty would be awesome.

“I don’t know who it is that comes up with these questions, but for a human I sense a strong connection with nature.”

“Why do you say that?”

“She calls herself rainbow.”

“Let’s find out.”

Well, what’s fair for a kritter is fair for a rainbow human. They decided to come up with their own set of questions. But, unlike the human who does it every week, they thought once was enough. The problem was, although they can think up good questions, how would they write it and give it to this rainbow human? Aesop suggested that Artemis could put it in human language and Koko said that rabbit could put it someplace where a human could make sure rainbow saw it.

While Rabbit went searching for Artemis, Aesop and Amanda started devising questions.

March 9, 2009

The Frogs Jam it up

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“Hooray, we didn’t miss it.”

“Told ya we wouldn’t Mandy.”

“I know Alex. I was just excited.”

The bullfrogs Jake and Jack had signaled the concert was about to start. By the second croak the audience had quieted down. The Master of Ceremonies came out and welcomed everyone to the concert. He said there were two very special guests but they would be introduced later.

“I wonder who the special guests are?”

“I don’t know Mandy. We’ll have to wait and see, like everyone else.”

The MC then introduced the conductor for the evening, Mr. Twidget. Amanda laughed at that name but the concert was starting, so she didn’t have time to find out any more. As Mr. Twidget raised his baton, and excited hush fell over the crowd.

During intermission, Amanda went down to talk to the conductor. She was a typical curious kitty. Amanda, otherwise known as Mandy, walked up to Mr. Twidget. But when she said hi, he hopped about ten feet straight up. He landed almost exactly where he left from.

“I’m sorry. You startled me. Who are you?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Amanda.”

“Amanda? The wild bunch Amanda?”

“Yes. That’s what Koko calls us. That’s Alex coming behind you.”

“Wow! I feel honored to have such celebrities at my concert.”

If kitties could blush, Amanda would be beet red.

“I’m very please to meet you. Is there anything special we can play for you?”

“No, we’re enjoying the concert as it is. But I do have a question.”

“Ask away”

“Where did you get such an unusual name, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I don’t mind. Mom said she heard some human call a baby Twidget and it sounded like a good name.”

“Ah, ok. Thank you.”



Intermission was over. Again Mr. Twidget was out front. The stage was set up differently however. With the raise of the baton, King Squirrel along with Squeaky and Peanut came onstage. Two other little members of King Squirrel’s family also came onstage. When the music started, they began their traditional food-gathering dance. It ended abruptly when a hickory nut hit one of the little squirrels.

After they left the stage, other forest animals took their turn performing their fall harvest routines. Then the stage went dark except for Mr. Twidget standing out in front. When the lights came back on, the chorus was arranged in a semi-circle. In front of them the two eagles Aesop and Aegis, had arranged a cloth on the stage. The youngest of Koko’s charges was sitting on this cloth. Alex looked at Amanda but before he could say anything, Mr. Twidget waved for Silence.

“As was announced at the beginning of this concert, we have two special guests with us tonight. So help me welcome Amanda and Alex, the Wild Bunch, to the stage!”

“Alex, we aren’t special. We’re just kitties.”

“I know. But let’s get up there and we can tell that to Mr. Twidget.”

As soon as they stepped on the stage, Amanda whispered to Mr. Twidget that they were just kitties and nothing special. The conductor smiled and escorted them center stage.

“Ladies, gentlemen and fellow forest inhabitants, please give a hearty welcome to two of the best friends any wooded area ever had.”

(Are you sure kitties don’t blush?)

Mr. Twidget continued

“Amanda and Alex have shown that even kitties can help humans (he went into detail about the picnickers, and Sarah). They have befriended our fellow squirrels, Koko and family, Aesop and Aegis. The list goes on and on. We heard they might be here so let’s close this concert with a piece composed in their honor, ‘Friends Forever’.”

The concert was over, but everyone made a point to meet the wild bunch.

Next installment will be ‘After the concert’

February 23, 2009

The Fall Concert

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Amanda and Alex bid a fond farewell to King Hickory and family. After all that excitement both kitties just wanted to rest. Alex suggested the head over to Koko’s.”Alex, the trees are so pretty. How do they do that?”

“I don’t know Mandy, but I saw pictures before we left. I didn’t know if it was true but I wanted to check it out. I didn’t tell you because it I was wrong it would have been a big letdown. But, as it was true, I hoped it would be a most pleasant surprise.”

“Well it would have been much nicer if those squirrels hadn’t thrown those hard shelled things.”

“True, but we did make some new friends.”

“Yes, I do have to agree with that.”

Amanda had a nice bump on her head and it still hurts a little bit. Walking slowly they realized they were getting close to the creek.

“Ouch. Do you always just hop on whoever is in front of you?”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you. No, I don’t. What are you two kitties doing wandering through these woods?”

“Well Mr. Frog, whatever your name is, we’re heading over to Koko’s.”

“You’re the wild bunch!! Welcome and I hope you stick around for the fall concert.”

“Fall concert?”

“Yes, we always celebrate the change of the colors.”

“Why do they change colors?”

“I don’t know but I’ll bet Koko does.”

With that Amanda and Alex started walking again towards their old friends home. Now they were really intrigued. Not only did Amanda want to learn about the reasons for the fall colors, but also now they had a concert to enjoy.

“Amanda, Alex, welcome! The grapevine beat you. The whole forest is alive with excitement at your return. Come in and relax a bit.”

“The whole forest?”

“Yes Mandy. You two are very popular.”


“Any special reason for your visit?”

“Yes there is. We were just coming to visit but now I’m curious about all the bright colors.”

“Ah, the leaves have put on their Sunday Best haven’t they? The humans have some complicated explanation. The real reason is that Mother Nature is telling all the forest creatures that winter and cold weather is coming.”

“Aw, that’s a lovely way to get a message out. The frogs said there is a concert to celebrate the colors.”

“Yes and its tomorrow night. Are you going to wait around for it?”

“Yes, I wouldn’t want to miss that.”

The rest of the day and the next, Amanda and Alex played with Koko’s charges, and helped Koko. Then Amanda, Alex, Koko and family walked down to the creek to listen to another great concert.

December 21, 2008

Amanda Meets King Hickory

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“Mandy, let’s go back and visit Koko.””Why?”

“Because we haven’t talked to any of them lately and I’d like to catch up on the latest happenings.”

The wild bunch was heading out on another adventure. Fall was fast approaching and Alex wanted to share the beautiful colors with Amanda. He heard rumors regarding the magic of autumn. Of course telling Amanda was out of the question. If the rumor were false, it would be a big disappointment. But if it was true, he had a marvelous surprise in store.


“What’s the matter Mandy?”

“Something hard just hit me on the head.”

“It must have been this funny shaped rock. I’ll get rid of it.”

Alex kicked the rock as hard as he could. Both Amanda and Alex watched it fly into the bramble bushes. Just as the rock settled deep within the tangled weeds, both kitties were overwhelmed by a tremendous burst of chattering

“Why did you do that?” (They said a lot more but it’s not printable here.)

“Who are you?”

“I’m squeaky, he’s Peanut and what are two cats, whose names I don’t know, doing invading our home and throwing away our food?”

“I’m Amanda, this is Alex. You should be called Chatty. What do you mean by your food? That was a rock you hit me with.”

“That was not a rock, it was a hickory nut.”

“You eat those hard things?”

“Ya, don’t you?”

“And break our teeth? I don’t think so.”

“We only eat the insides. Come on, you can meet King, and the rest of the family.”

Deep into the woods they went. At last they arrived at a giant Oak tree and the family of King Hickory. Everybody started to run at the sight of two kitties at the base of the tree, until Squeaky yelled that they were friends.

“Friends? With a cat, our mortal enemy? Are you losing your marbles?”

“No King, there two are friends. They just want to learn how we eat these ‘rocks’ as they call them; and I have my marbles right here in this little bag.”

King Hickory invited Amanda and Alex into the family home, but kept a very close eye on them.

“You two aren’t ordinary cats. You wouldn’t happen to be the ones referred to as the wild bunch, wouldya.”

“Yes, Koko gave us that nickname.”

“It’s ok kids. These are the kitties we’ve read about in the Leaves and Grass Gazette.”

Once that was settled, King invited Alex and Amanda to join the family for supper. Squeaky brought in a big bowl of hickory nuts. Then Peanut brought in two bowls of shelled nuts, one for Amanda and one for Alex.

“These aren’t that bad. Thank you for sharing and inviting us for supper. But, we really should be going, right Alex?”

“Yes, I agree. Thanks for everything. I hope we meet again. Bye for now.”

Both kitties and the squirrels said their good-byes. It was time to continue with their adventures.

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