November 3, 2011

Where’s the Money?

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I’m a simple man. I don’t understand all this Wall Street jargon. Let’s face it, buy low, sell high makes sense, sort of. Let’s face it, buy low, sell high makes sense, sort of. You buy a stock at $2.00 and sell it for $3.00, but you pay your broker $1.25. You make a profit and lose money. Ah, I get it. You pay a broker whose primary function is to make you go broke. Ok, now that makes sense.

Here’s where it gets confusing. The American government makes money. No, it’s not from working because politicians talk a lot, work very little. Heaven forbid they have to spend their multi thousand dollar pay on deodorant because they had to sweat a bit. I mean the government has a press that uses ink and some funny paper to make something called bills. I’ve heard of them but as an ex working stiff, I don’t get to see any. The American stuff is backed with either gold or gold plate. The Euro is also backed with something valuable, like Churchill’s false teeth.

The question then is, where does this paper stuff go? It leaves the mint and poof, it vanishes. It doesn’t go to the banks. They say it does, but I don’t believe it. Banks are supposed to know how to handle money, yet they have to get bailed out by a government that doesn’t know how to handle money. Odd, because if this money stuff were in the hands of the people that actually work to earn it, it would circulate. Blood circulates and gives life. Money circulates and gives prosperity. Stop the blood, no more life. Stop the money circulation and the economy goes belly up.

Wait, I just figured it out. We don’t get the money, then the rich, non-working politician can buy cheap or rather, buy low. Tell ya what, I’ll pay my water bill (isn’t water supposed to be free?), with a pig, three chickens and a dozen eggs. For what it’s worth, I can find the beef.


Your fellow serf


November 1, 2011

The American Way

Freedom, remember that? We used to have it. Not any more. We are now a nation controlled by insurance companies, pantywaists, and an idiot named Obama. Smoking is bad for you. So, since it is bad, insurance companies and state fools, er, governments, ban it everywhere. But, there is a big push to legalize marijuana. This makes sense how? People are so afraid of smelling a cigarette that they will go to extremes to avoid it. Yet how many people are overcome by perfumes and colognes? Not to worry, that’s the next thing to get banned. Coming to work with even a hint of smoke will get you fired. Coming to work with a hangover is a great conversation starter and will get you invited out for a multi-cocktail lunch.

Women have finally won equality but that is about to end. Instead of just allowing a woman the right to just say no, others know what is really correct. Abortion will be banned. Where does that leave us? For the females that survive the back alley use-any-available-kitchen-utensil, their male counterparts will have to work two or more jobs to support the plethora of unwanted children. Not to worry though because children know when they aren’t wanted. So, since parents can no longer discipline their offspring, we can expect a lot more criminal activity. Mom didn’t want the child but the law does. Isn’t it nice to be wanted?

Sex and sexual activities are still allowed: if and only if you are heterosexual. Non-heterosexuality is genetic. It cannot be changed through therapy. But you don’t need to know science to be in politics. Take a look at who is running for office this year for proof.

Ladies, considering the way this country is changing, there are only two things you can do. Start smoking to prevent getting pregnant or a job, and grow your hair long, thus allowing the male to have something to grab hold of as he drags you into his mancave.

October 29, 2011

And the Idiots are…

If you’re rich, you can afford to not have kids. But, if you are low income, the kids will keep flowing. Of course these kids will become wards of the state or just more street kids. Governor Perry doesn’t like Planned Parenthood that gives out free or low cost birth control. But he does believe in marriage. Ok, so now it’s low income families living on the street.

He doesn’t like gay marriages. So he doesn’t have to marry a guy. He’d be an ugly wife anyway. Why can’t he believe in freedom? He, like others, wants to set women’s right back two thousand years. Excuse me Mr. Perry and Madame Buchanan, but being gay is genetic, not a switch that can be turned off or on.

How many women do we want killed in back alleys when they use whatever is in the kitchen drawer to abort a child? I myself prefer a clean medical office with real doctors. No, I don’t believe in abortion but I strongly believe in the woman’s right to choose. Has no one heard of the word No? If ya don’t want one or don’t believe in it, DON’T GET ONE!

I could go on, but I think you see the point. Genetics really does count.

October 15, 2011

To be an American

Red Skelton was a great comedian. He was also one of our greatest patriots. He recorded the Pledge of Allegiance and reiterated what one of his teachers taught him about it. After the class had recited it, this instructor went through the pledge line by line and explained what each line meant. It’s too bad Obama never heard it.

If anyone wants to hear it, contact me and I’ll send it. I feel it is very important all Americans know what this country is all about. Yes, we are a melting pot, but one must understand that when things melt, they become one. We have not reached that stage yet, but we are feeling the heat.

I won’t apologize for this rant as I am a true American. Are you?

October 5, 2011

September 26, 2011

Obedience, Obesity, and reality

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Potatoes make children fat. Toys in McDonald’s happy meals cause child obesity. According to the FDA, potatoes make you fat. But then again, the sodium in bacon is bad for your cholesterol. Lettuce is bad because of the pesticide used to keep the bugs off. But you can’t wash it with tap water because there are bad things in that. According to FDA standards, 99% of what we eat is bad for you and the remaining 1% costs too much.

Let’s get real. Food does not cause obesity by itself. Granted it will make you fat, but moving around (it’s called exercise), works off what you ate. Why do children get fat from McDonald’s? Because they don’t play. Oh they play, but it’s video games. Their thumbs get a great workout. What happens when toys are taken out of happy meals? Do children eat nothing? Uh, it’s up to the parents where they eat and if it isn’t happy meals it is something else on the menu that is just as bad if not worse.

No, the problem is not what they eat or what we eat. The problem is that no one wants to move around. I’d tell a joke about a fat Irishman, but I don’t know any. I don’t think there are many since Irish potato farmers had to work hard to harvest their crops.

What about the rest of us? We get fat just like the kids, but without their energy level. McDonald’s addressed that by putting in play areas.  I for one hate sports, but a game of baseball or football for the kids works off whatever ‘fatstuff’ they ate.

I don’t know about everyone else but I think I am going to build a fire, using the FDA regulations as fuel. Then I am going to sit down with a book (remember those?), eat my French fries (well salted), and a few bacon cheeseburgers and wash it all down with tap water.

September 10, 2011

Why do we love disaster?

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Why do people love chaos?

I have yet to understand why people love disaster. I don’t mean movies; I am referring to real events. If something good happens, it’s “Hurrah”, then it’s never mentioned again. But, if something bad happens, we relive it over and over again. 9/11 is a prime example.

It happened, we can’t change it. Get over it! That won’t happen. We will see the pictures and videos for the next twenty years. Excuse me but I don’t need to see it all the time, everywhere I look. It’s on television and the internet. Why it happened is obvious. No, it was not to ‘warn’ us. It was not to show we could be attacked. It was to pull us into another war.

Just to keep everyone angry at people of a different religion, we will keep seeing the images. We will continue to fear every stranger. Why? Why can’t we just promote peace and getting along? Every war has always been about religion. Yes it was about control and wanting to rule the world. But that was based on the warring parties disagreeing on what is the true belief. Only true Germans belong in this world, or Muslims don’t believe in the right things.

Come on people; let the other guy believe what they want. Quit squabbling over petty issues. Every belief, every religion, has its own dogma. No one is right, period. I thought this country was founded on diversity. It isn’t that way anymore. Now it’s re-live every disaster and rekindle the hatred. There is no valid reason for this.  

Sorry, but this is my point of view and at least I can still write about it. How hard is it for other governments to allow this same privilege?


September 3, 2011

Law but what order?

Law and not Order

It’s nice to have law and order but I’m afraid today we have too much law and very little order. Let’s look at a few examples. If you eat at McDonalds you’ll get fat, or at least your kids will. Why? Because they put toys in happy meals. They were sued for this. Excuse me but they put toys in cereal! I know, we just picked up spongebob. So the logic is that these toys make kids fat? No, it means that the toys make kids want happy meals. So what makes these kids fat? Television and video games are the real reason. No one plays outside anymore. Of these reasons, television is the worst.


It seems like every other commercial is for this or that drug. “Cough twice, sneeze three times then blow your nose means you have {insert fancy drug name}. Visit your family doctor for a prescription (everybody has a family doctor? Then why do we need public health plans?).” Why does the doctor give out the prescription? Because he or someone in his family owns the pharmacy and he gets a cut. The more prescriptions, the closer he is to owning his own private island, complete with jet. The parents see the disease, but all the kids see is another drug mom and/or dad is taking. Well, if drugs make them feel better, I’ll get my own. Gee, why do we have a drug problem?

The government buys $200.00 hammers and $500.00 toilet seats. The president buys new flatware/dishes for six thousand people. How many senators need a raise because they can’t afford to pay their domestic help or for their mansions themselves? Who pays for this stuff? We do, the American taxpayer (they don’t pay taxes either).

Ever feel like turning your kid over your knee because he or she did something wrong? Don’t do it else social services removes the kid and puts them in the system where they are more likely to join gangs or break laws, partially because of separation anxiety. Let’s face it, parents go to jail trying to teach their kids right and wrong. Kids get in trouble trying to make a few bucks selling lemonade or Kool-Aid in their front lawn. Same thing happens at yard/garage sales. You have to have a tax license! This is double taxation folks. We went to war because of it. But the government only sees it as a way to recoup their stupid and wasteful spending.

I don’t know about anyone else but I see a lot of laws that create a lot of disorder.

August 31, 2011

Who runs this da.. world?

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Who’s running this cockamamie world?

Hitler wanted to rule the world. It didn’t work. Napoleon wanted to be emperor of the world. It didn’t work. But now, the United States is the world police body.

“Syria, you’ve been bad, no more financial aid.”

“Iran, you really have been a naughty child. Your financial assets are tied up.”

“Afghanistan, you poor thing. You have a cancer. I’ll send over the surgeons.

“Libya, I know, you’re trying to be good. Here, let me help.”

Now, if only they would take care of their own people!

Social Security is one of the first areas to be cut when budgets need to be cut. Medicare and education come next. But, now they are whining they don’t get paid enough. Excuse me???


Get rid of those luxury homes and live like the real people of this country. Make legislation that makes CEO’s and other high paid but little working company heads take a reasonable salary. Maybe make congress live on a pension like a factory worker tries to do. If they would keep the pork out of congress maybe we the people could afford to buy it for supper.


Does anyone agree?

April 2, 2011

It’s your Taxdollars

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How many billions, no, wait, I guess its trillions now, that the US Government is in debt. We the taxpayers are paying that! Why? Let’s look at a few simple changes that could help, in many ways. We’ll start with prisons. We have prostitutes, Marijuana smokers/users and other petty criminals locked up. There are many other harmless only to themselves locked up. Why? You don’t like prostitutes or relatively harmless drugs then stay away from them. We are paying their upkeep with our taxes. Decriminalize these and they have to work to pay their own way, including taxes. Governments would save a fortune that could be used to cut down the national debt or reduce state taxes. It’s time for politicians to get a clue. They want big salaries and they want us to pay it. It’s time to stop and smell the greenbacks. We earn it, they take it. It’s a waste of money all the way around.

Illegal immigrants take jobs. Sure they do, the ones we don’t want. How many taxpayer dollars are used to guard the border? Let’s open the borders and require only background checks to make sure only people willing to work and not criminals, get in. Do this with Canada and Mexico. We would have to increase the drug patrols but we would have the money by getting rid of the other patrols and border checks.

It’s not an easy choice but the logical one. Make prostitutes have monthly health exams and tax their income. Marijuana could carry the same laws as drunk driving. How many jail and prison cells would that open? How much would the government (and the taxpayers) save? Think about it. Decriminalize minor drugs and prostitution and the crime lords have less control.


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