March 1, 2010

A Surprise Awaits (Amanda story)

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“Look out!”

“Thanks Alex. Guess I was daydreaming.”

“Daydreaming? About what Mandy?”

“Oh, just about all our adventures and that we haven’t been on one in a long time.”

“True, but if you keep daydreaming while crossing a road, your last adventure will take you across the rainbow bridge.”

As Amanda licked her guardian angel’s fur, they decided it was again time to travel.

“We haven’t seen Koko for a long time. I wonder how many new adoptees she has.”

“Or how many of the old ones are now out on their own.”

“Good Point, Alex”

Meanwhile over at Koko’s…

“Is everything ready Rabbit?”

“Almost Koko, almost”

“What’s left?”

“We’re waiting on the squirrels.”

It looks like we have something special going on. Well, Koko and family are busy so let’s check back with Amanda.

“Ready Alex? I told Mama where we are going.”

“Ready as ever”

“Mandy, look at this; the headline of the Leaves and Grass gazette says there’s a problem at Koko’s.”

“Oh no! What does it say is wrong?”

“That’s all it says. It doesn’t give any details.”

“We better hurry up. Maybe we can help.”

Although Amanda and Alex went as fast as they could, Koko knew ahead of time they were coming. Everything was ready.


“Huh? What’s up? What surprise? The paper said there was a problem here.”

“There was. You two weren’t here to help us celebrate the first anniversary of meeting ‘The Wild Bunch’.”

I guess kitties can blush. Let’s leave them alone for now so they can enjoy the party.


December 9, 2008


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Clawtus’s Kitty Meeting

Two pots for every chicken!! 44.40 or rust! Tipsy canoes or no news!

“Ma, this dude has got to get out of the catnip when he writes his slogans! What does he mean by 44.40? The rest of them make sense, but not that one.”

“Well Sissie, why not go with me to the weekly house kitty meeting tonight over at hilltop grove?”

“Ok, but only if you promise not to call me Sissie! I’m a big kitty now.”

Now you have to remember, cats tend to have names that are a bit unusual. Sissie is mom’s shorthand for Sistra. She wanted to name her Cindy but just when she was telling her mother the names of the kids (she had four in that litter), someone stepped on mom’s tail. She did manage to get the rest of the kids named painlessly. Meanwhile, back to our story.

Brasso McGear (his adopted human family thought he looked like a brass instrument) was in charge of the neighborhood committee. He was very good at organizing things, such as food for the outdoor kitties, or finding them warm places to sleep, but he was horrid at slogans. He was trying to let everyone know that winter was coming and there were many more friends in the alleys than in years past.

“Mr. Brasso, how can we help our outdoor friends?”

“I’ve arranged with Alex and his new girlfriend, Amanda, to look for places that can be made safe for all the new arrivals. At last count there were 44 families with at least 4 kids. That is up from the 35 of last year. Amanda took Alex over to the park and found a new place that the humans built that has boats. These can be used for shelter in the winter.”

“Ok, that explains part of your slogan, but what is the reference to two pots?”

“Ah, good question there missy.”

“It’s not missy, it’s Sistra!”

“Ok, sorry, but you’re new here to the meetings. Anyway, I was out the other night and I found these old pans that the humans had thrown away. Spike, our friendly guard dog, carried them over to the edge of the woods. We can use those to store extra food for the outdoors friends.”

“But won’t the humans find them and throw them away someplace where we can’t get them?”

“Not likely. There is an area near the edge of the woods that is covered with brush and not a likely place for humans to go digging around.”

Thus, by the end of the meeting, all the poor kritters that had no one to care for them, were under the guidance of the household kitty committee. So, the next time your furkids start asking to go outside, you can bet they are planning on helping their outdoor brethren. As for the ones that aren’t allowed outside, you’ll see them in the windows offering whatever advice they can.

Watch your furkids (I refuse to call them pets), and if they start meowing right after they leave the window, you will know they are asking you to throw some food outside or something to keep their outside friends more comfortable.

December 4, 2008

Amanda Makes a Friend

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Amanda Makes a Friend

Amanda and Alex left momma by the alley where she could stock up on food. As they left, momma told Alex to keep a close eye on Amanda, she could be a bit impetuous. With his promise to do so, they set out on the next leg of their great adventure. Both of them promised to stop back and visit from time to time.

Amanda suggested leaving the business area so they could check out some of the quieter neighborhoods. As they wandered along, Amanda heard someone (a human), crying.

“Let’s check this out. She may be hurt.”

Alex wasn’t too sure about this, but Amanda insisted. Rounding a corner, both saw at once a little girl sitting on the back steps, crying her eyes out. She didn’t look hurt, but she sure didn’t look happy either. Amanda bravely walked over to her and looked up.

“Mew” (Kitty for ‘Are you ok?)


At least that’s what it sounded like between sobs. It’s against a cat’s nature to let humans just pick them up, but this poor girl needed some comfort and the petting made Amanda feel a bit better.

“Meow” (Kitty for what’s the matter?)

“Daddy tried to get a job but they won’t let him”

I guess it’s true. Only little children truly understand kitties and puppies. Kitties understand human but only respond when they feel like it. Almost always it takes a child to get a kitty to really open up. Amanda was purring. This is how kitties show that they understand. But then,


“Wha, What, mommy?”

“Oh, there you are. You’ve been crying. Don’t worry, daddy will find something. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

I know, but daddy is hurting.”

“Right now he just needs us to stand by him.”

Amanda had jumped down and hid as soon as she heard the little girls mommy call her. Alex told her they should just leave but Amanda wanted to wait around for a bit. She thought she might be able to help the little girl feel better.

“Kitty? Here kitty, I brought you some milk”

Against her better judgment, Amanda came out of hiding. She heard most humans use food to trap kitties. But she was hungry and the look on the little girl’s face was cause to trust her just a little bit.

“There you are. I know, you think I’m going to try and catch you and take you inside. But mommy always told me that some kitties only belong outside. We can be friends though.”

“Sandra, who are you talking to?”

“Mommy, there’s this cute kitty out here.”

“No, you can’t keep it.”

“I know, but we can be outdoors friends, can’t we?”

“Yes, you can be outdoors friends.”

Wow! This was unusual but welcome. It looked like this little girl needed a friend and Amanda could be that. Then Alex came out of hiding. He had heard the whole conversation.

“Oh, hi. I see you already have a friend. I don’t want to bother you.”

To let her know they could be outdoor friends, both Alex and Amanda walked over and rubbed their noses on her legs.

“Daddy tried to get a job today, but they wouldn’t let him. He is so sad. I don’t know how to make him feel better. It makes me sad too.”

“Mew, Mew” (kitty for hugs help a lot)

With that, Sandra picked up Amanda and gave her a gentle hug. Then she reached down and petted Alex.

“Thanks guys. That helped a lot.”

With that, she went inside and gave her dad a big hug and told him her outdoor friends told her it would make things better. He smiled and gave her a big hug and said it helped immensely.

“You have some smart outdoor friends.”

Daddy never came out to see Amanda and Alex, but he had watched his daughter sitting on the steps. Sandra was petting a cat and wasn’t showing any aggression so he just watched without saying anything. He noticed that she came back in the house in a happier mood. Her outdoor kitty friends had performed a minor miracle. What he did not realize was that Sandra had also done her share of miracle making.

“Here kitties. Mommy says I can put out food sometimes.”


With that thank you meow both Amanda and Alex said they would come back off and on. At least they made a friend that day.

December 3, 2008

Back Alley Wanderers day 2

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The Alley VisitsAmanda told Alex about how hard it was for Momma Kitty to find enough food for everyone. Alex asked where she lived. This was a very hard question since Amanda left home early and didn’t keep track of where she was going. Instead of just answering, she started to cry.

“Don’t cry, we’ll find it.”

“You, you’re taking me home?”

She was whimpering because her great adventure was being cut short.

“No, I’m not sending you home. I thought we could go back to get Momma kitty and show her some good places to find food. Then you and I could resume your adventure, if you would permit me to tag along.”

“Oh (sob), ok”

What Amanda didn’t know was that Alex had wanted to strike out on his own but was afraid of going alone. He readily admitted that Amanda was braver than he. But, together they could look out for each other. He went a step further by saying that they would have to look out for each other. He wasn’t going to play the big brother protector because it was obvious that Amanda could look out for herself.
Amanda knew the direction she came from, but that was about it. She and Alex headed that way hoping certain things would look familiar. Alex knew when they were headed correctly because Amanda would smile and point to something she had seen.

I wish momma had come looking for me. It would be so much easier.

Unknown to Amanda, her little sister begged momma to see if she could try to find older sister. She was too young to be on her own. At least that was her youngest one’s opinion. Momma agreed. It shouldn’t be too hard to pick up Amanda’s trail. Each kitty had a scent of their own and momma knew Amanda’s well. They spent a lot of time together foraging. Momma was teaching her kids the art of finding food, starting with the oldest.

“I’ve got a few scraps of food here. This should hold you guys until I return. Big sister couldn’t have gotten too far.”

I hope she didn’t go too far!

“We’re going the right way. I remember that house!”

“How? They all look alike to me.”

“Momma taught me how to recognize things by their smell and that house smells familiar.”

I picked the right partner! No one taught me about smells other than food.

Amanda headed down an alley. It didn’t look familiar, but it smelled right. As she walked over to a garbage can laying on it’s side, a human came out and picked it up. She was trapped!!

Alex had been checking out another garbage can and when he turned around, Amanda was gone! He was about to start yelling when he saw the human. For protection he darted behind some plastic bags. He had heard what humans do with kitties and he wanted nothing to do with them. He hadn’t actually seen any of the horror stories but why take chances?

“Meow! Meow!! (most humans don’t understand kitty language).

“How did you get in there? Here, I’ll let you go. If the boss saw me bring you in I’d be in big trouble. But, before I let you out, let me go get you something to eat. If I let you out first you’ll just run away.”

With that, he put the can down and left. Amanda was scared. What was this human planning on doing? She heard him say something but kitties don’t understand human language either.

What’s going to happen to me? Momma will never find me.”

As Amanda started to cry, the human reached in and picked her up. When he put her down, there was a big pile of cat food!! The human took the can and walked away. She was safe and now had food!! But where was Alex?

“Alex, where are you?”

“I’m here. I thought you were a goner! Wow!! Where did you get all this food?”

“The human gave it to me.”

Both kitties ate as much as they could then carried as much as they could to help them with the rest of their journey. As it turned out, it was a short trip. When Amanda and Alex rounded the corner and headed towards another alley that Amanda said smelled familiar, Alex caught a glimpse of another kitty coming down from the other end.

“Quick Amanda, over here. There’s another kitty coming.”

Amanda’s nose picked up a very familiar scent.

“Momma!!!! You came looking for me!!”

“Momma, I’d like you to meet Alex. He helped me find a lot of food.”

“Pleased to meet you. I can show you where there is a lot of food.”

“Ok, but let’s get Amanda back to her brothers and sisters.”

“Momma, I don’t want to go home. It’s time for me to be out on my own.”

She pleaded with momma and was told that she was right, but first she should go home and explain that she is ok. She let Alex come along. When they got home, all Amanda’s family started asking questions. She assured them that she was ok and introduced Alex to everyone.

After resting for a bit, Momma asked Alex about the food and he said he could take her to the place. From there, Amanda and him would take off on their great adventures.

Next week, Amanda’s adventures start.

December 2, 2008

Let’s meet Amanda

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Owen Fiddler is going to meet a very interesting character this Sunday.  So I thought I’d introduce her and her companions over the next few days.
it was a dark and stormy night
all the mice and squirrels were a fright
each huddled against each other
no one could find their mother

but then somebody unplugged the set
no one in the group ever had a chance to get
the end of the show on the telly
but each had a very full belly

the movie was old and the kids were not
mom told them she would tell them a lot
of the movie they were not getting to see
becuase as only parents know, it was not rated g

as each little kritter snuggled into bed
a book mom picked up and read
it wasn’t looking good for the pigs
each of them had to make new digs

but when all was said and done
everyone had their share of fun
the movie was forgotten for sure
as each sleeping kritter seemed to just purr


Solitude, that’s all little Amanda wanted. Momma said Christmas was nothing more than a dream. There wasn’t time to worry about such nonsense because everybody had to forage for food. Amanda knew that she was just another wasted life and it would be better for everyone if she just walked away.

While everyone was out scrounging, she packed a little sack with what bits and pieces of food there was lying around. Kitties don’t need a lot of ‘things’, but they do need to eat. With all the rain lately there were several puddles so getting a drink wasn’t a problem.

Amanda was the oldest of the litter. Mom always did her best to ensure her brood had the basics, but life on the street is treacherous at best. Amanda overheard momma many times complaining about the hardscrabble life they had to lead. So to ease the family burden, Amanda did what she thought was best. She left. She did leave a note though, so her brothers and sisters wouldn’t get worried and start searching for her.

“I’m sorry I am such a problem. I know there isn’t much food. I am going to go away. That will mean one less mouth to feed. Again, I’m sorry I’m such a burden.”

She signed it, then headed down the street. She really didn’t know which way to go, she just went. Amanda knew that her brothers and sisters would sleep for quite a while yet and momma was out looking for food. That would give her a good head start. She had been down this road before and knew of a couple of good places to seek shelter. She had thought about leaving for quite a while because she was feeling more and more depressed everyday. So when she came this way with momma, she didn’t say anything about these hiding places.

Momma kitty (she was momma kitty to all the critters in her neighborhood), was gone for a long time. The pickings were slim these days. But Sammy got up and went looking for his oldest sister. He hoped she had found something for everyone to eat. Normally she and momma would both go out looking and Amanda always came back fast to let everyone know what kind of day it was turning out to be. Each kitty, Amanda and Momma Kitty, had their designated areas to search. But when Sammy walked over to the corner where Amanda always slept, all he found was her note. Immediately he woke everyone else up.

“Amanda is gone!!!”

“She’s probably with momma. It has been hard to find food lately.”

“No, she left a note. She is gone!!!”

Everybody realized that their big sister really was gone.

“What if Momma doesn’t come home? What are we supposed to do?”

Talking all together at the same time created such a racket that Momma dropped what she was doing and headed back. She told the kids that it would be ok. Amanda would find out what the world really was, and return.

She didn’t believe a word she was saying, but she had to calm the kids down. Times were hard and now it would be even harder. It took both momma and Amanda to scrounge up enough to feed everyone. She excused herself and slipped into a corner where she could be alone. She cried. Will her oldest really be safe? Would it really work to go looking for her? All she could do is pray that she would either be safe, or would return.

Amanda was a long ways from home. Her food was gone and she didn’t see any prospects of finding any. She was also getting scared. This was territory she had not been in before. She was getting scared and the tears in her eyes didn’t help. But she kept going. She went around the corner and as luck would have it, this was a block of shops with many restaurants! It was a calm day with no wind so not even Amanda’s keen sense of smell would have detected this bonanza.

She headed towards the alley. Hopefully she could at least stock up on food. As she walked down the alley, one of the kitties that lived there approached her. Normally this would have resulted in a fight, but Amanda looked exhausted. Alex felt sorry for her and showed her the safest place to go. Amanda thanked him and told him she would just stock up then be on her way. Alex was a little disappointed but said ok.

Alex was unaware that Amanda saw the look. She did. Giving a bit of a wink (and this is not at all easy for kitties!), she started to walk away. As Alex slowly began slinking away, Amanda sidled up next to him.

“Alex, I’m heading out to make my way in the big wide world. Care to join me?”

As we leave Amanda and Alex, we can faintly see the sunset. It’s just beyond dumpster alley.

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