October 15, 2011

To be an American

Red Skelton was a great comedian. He was also one of our greatest patriots. He recorded the Pledge of Allegiance and reiterated what one of his teachers taught him about it. After the class had recited it, this instructor went through the pledge line by line and explained what each line meant. It’s too bad Obama never heard it.

If anyone wants to hear it, contact me and I’ll send it. I feel it is very important all Americans know what this country is all about. Yes, we are a melting pot, but one must understand that when things melt, they become one. We have not reached that stage yet, but we are feeling the heat.

I won’t apologize for this rant as I am a true American. Are you?


July 19, 2009

We lost it!

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(warning, this is a long post with the links)

Where did it go? We have lost the country I grew up in. Common sense is dead and Marv Wilson has the eulogy for it on his blog. There is no disipline allowed for our children, thus they rule us. I’ve heard there is a supreme being that is supposed to be watching over us, but I don’t dare mention that in public. We used to, and we used to do so in school. Ask Red Skelton, The Pledge Of Allegiance .

So we are left with the question, where did the country of our youth go? We have crooked politicians, crime everywhere and we are being taxed to the limit. Our country is not what it used to be. But, on the other side of the coin, look at Europe and Asia. They don’t see the bad parts but they do see us. Let’s hope they stay that way as Kenny Rodgers says, God Bless America Again – Charlie Daniels Band .


God bless us all!

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