November 15, 2009

Grampa’s Tribute

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snow white kadenceA single bed holds two curious souls. Ten precious fingers exploring her world, ten little toes curled up just so and a smile the size of Texas occupies one side. A grandfather lies beside her, holding open the doors of her future. One of God’s greatest creations, Kadence Callista Berry is a bundle of questions wrapped in a beautiful package. At ten months old, Grampa hears the wonder and questions in her voice and sees the glint in her eye as she learns what life is all about. Her world is fun, food, and family.

She’s up, She’s off! Ok, where did that little bullet train, er, rugrat, disappear too?


Ah, front bedroom. Cat gave her away.

“Let me outta here! What did I ever do to you? (Grampa’s understand the words behind the fussing)

“You didn’t do anything. Grampa just wanted to save the house from the crawling wrecking ball while in the little reading room.”

It was a day in January not to be forgotten. We arrived a few hours after she was born. Mom handed her to me as I sat in the rocker. I’ve been rocking her to sleep ever since. It’s amazing how her naptime always coincides with mine. Her head, resting on my arm, we both rock our way into dreamland. If she awakens before me, she will just sit and play.

“Grampa, it no play.”

The look on her face tells me it’s time to turn the switch on for her talking picture book.

“Grampa, you expect me to walk around all day in this dirty diaper???”

That cry means only one thing. It’s time to get the paraphernalia out. I get the Ionic bulb lights, the carbon based silicon induced spray can to ensure sanitary conditions. I follow this with my surgical gloves, special fogless glasses and plastic gown. I lay her down on a thermally sanitized blanket and proceed with great precision.

Ok, I lay her on the bed, take the pants off, undo the onsie, and change the thing.

“Grampa, need a hug.”

She is immediately in my arms. I don’t care what happens during the day. She is cuddling close to me, nothing can be wrong with the world.

“Grampa, what’s a Halloween?”

It’s a day when pretty little girls get dressed up in a lovely costume and get their pictures taken. Older children go out asking for the candy.

“Grampa, what’s a thanksgiving?”

This year it’s the day I thank the Lord for delivering his most special angel to us, you.

“Grampa, what’s a Christmas?”

It’s a day of giving. It’s the day of love and the day we thank God for delivering you my princess.

There is no end to this,


September 19, 2008

Tribute to Three greats

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A Tribute to Three Greats


Writing can be a tough career choice. But when you have help, it does go a bit easier. This will be short, but these three really deserve all the accolades they can get.


We’ll start with one that seems to always be going. You’d think that eventually there would be an end! At least laying down at night seems to help because first thing in the morning our first candidate is ready to go.


Number two on the list is all over the place. The variety of output never ceases to amaze me. I often wonder when candidate two will ever put a cap on the work. All the words flow out like the colors of the rainbow.


On the list at position three is a character quite unlike any other. Where do the ideas come from? There must be a miniature file cabinet in there someplace. The output is prodigious! Daily you see something coming out of candidate three.


There you have it my three tributes without which my writing career would hardly exist. Yes, it’s true. I need candidate one, my legal pads, but it takes candidate two, my pens to bring out the words and candidate three, JP, my stuffed, lavender puppy that is my muse personified.

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