When is Christmas over?

I do not watch television very often but music is on as much as possible here. My daily playlist has 240 selections, from Apollo 100 to Willie Nelson and everything in between. I like variety. Among all of that are several Christmas songs. It was brought to my attention that that holiday is past. Yep, the ‘day’ is gone but is Christmas ever really over? Let’s think about this for a moment.

Do we want to offer ‘Joy to the World’ only on one day? Granted it was ‘A Holy Night’, but do we only want to remember that once? How many nights are really ‘Silent Nights”? Christmas, the day of giving and receiving material things, is only one day. But the spirit of Christmas, the giving and receiving of spiritual gifts, peace and love, is 365 days, or it should be.

Is your Christmas one day or is it a faith so strong that you want to ‘ Go Tell it on a Mountain’ every day?


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  4. This Christmas kept our heads on the level playing field this year. This season has so many are out of work, trying to get jobs that are hard to get or aren’t even out there.. Those special gifts this year have names on them: your friends down the street.and not just labels like, “a child 10 years old who wants an MP3 player” .but practical food gifts with your friend’s name attached to the “to: card”. This season is a reality check for all of us..

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